Kirst, Karen, The Sheriff’s Christmas Twins

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Kirst, Karen, The Sheriff’s Christmas Twins (Smoky Mountain Matches, Book 9),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Sheriff’s Christmas Twins (Smoky Mountain Matches, Book 9)

Author:  Karen Kirst

Imprint:  Love Inspired Historical

Issues:  Child Abandonment; Orphan; Parenthood


Holiday Baby Blessings 

Convinced that Allison Ashworth deserves better, Sheriff Shane Timmons has always tried to remain aloof around his childhood companion. But with Allison in Gatlinburg for the holidays, insisting on caring for two motherless babies, Shane feels obliged to help her. How can he keep his distance when she and the children are quickly becoming the family he never dared to wish for?

As a girl, Allison was drawn to the wary yet handsome Shane, who never seemed to look her way. But in spending time with him and two sweet babies, she might yet find a chink in the confirmed bachelor’s armor. Every shared moment gives Allison hope that this Christmas, her dreams of motherhood—and a life with Shane—may finally be coming true.

Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoyed Shane’s story.  As the good sheriff has appeared in nearly all of my Smoky Mountain Matches books, doubts regarding God’s love.  While it’s easy for Shane to believe in a divine Creator, he struggles to accept that God could truly care about him.  His spiritual journey was a challenge to portray, and I pray I succeeded in meshing it seamlessly with his flourishing relationship with Allison.

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Merry Christmas,

Karen Kirst