Wylie, Trish, The Millionaire’s Proposal


Wylie, Trish, The Millionaire’s Proposal,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2008).

Title:  The Millionaire’s Proposal

Author:  Trish Wylie

Imprint:  Romance (Cherish)

Issues:  Disability; Visual Impairment


Ronan O’Keefe has everything money can buy. He’d give it all up in an instant to keep the one thing he’s losing. The jet-setting playboy is slowly being robbed of his sight.

Alone in New York, Kerry Doyle isn’t feeling quite so brave about her trip around the world. Luckily, a millionaire has come to her rescue….By the time they get to Paris, Ronan doesn’t want to let beautiful, bubbly Kerry go. His secret is casting its shadow, but Kerry has lit up his life…

Dear Reader,

A good friend of mine reminded me of something important this year-to be grateful for the good stuff when it’s here.  How many of us dedicate the same amount of time to appreciating the good things as we do focussing on the bad?  Maybe it’s because the bad can be so very overwhelming, and over the years life simply wears us down.  Yet it’s the good stuff that makes the difference, don’t you think?

We need to laugh as often as possible, take a deep breath of air to remind us we’re alive, look around us and see the beauty in things, spend time doing what makes us happy.  Most of all we need never to get so old or so jaded that we stop dreaming or believing in moments of magic.

One of the things I love the absolute most about writing and reading romance is the fact it shows we all still believe in love in the twenty-first century.  We may have busier lives, might be more cynical, but people still reach out for love in all its forms:  in friends, in family, in a man and a woman who can make it through the rough times because life is richer together than it is apart.  That’s a little bit of magic right there.

So if there’s one thing you bring with you out of Ronan and Kerry’s story I hope it’s a little reminder to make the most of the good stuff and any moment of magic that comes your way.  Grab hold of it, celebrate it, savour it, and that way even in times of darkness you’ll still be able to see the light.  Just like Ronan will with Kerry by his side.

Hs & Ks