Quinn, Tara Taylor, Sophie’s Secret

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Quinn, Tara Taylor, Sophie’s Secret (Shelter Valley Stories, Book 10),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2009).

Title:  Sophie’s Secret (Shelter Valley Stories, Book 10)

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Parenthood


Sophie Curtis lives a big secret. She’s been having an affair with Duane Koch. Their days–and nights– together are their own oasis away from the world. It’s unconventional but, given the difference in their ages and her troubled past, it works for them.

Then Duane is asked to step into the political ring–an opportunity he’s been waiting for. Too bad about the timing, though. Because Sophie’s just found out she’s pregnant, and an instant family–with her–could ruin his chances. The right thing would be for her to bow out of his life. But when he surprises her with a proposal, will she have the strength to walk away from the man she loves?

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Shelter Valley!  For those of you who’ve never been here before, I think you’ll like your stay with us.  For those of you who were here before – several years ago – welcome home!

Shelter Valley is a town – and a small one at that.  It’s in the desert in Arizona about an hour’s drive from Phoenix.  The only thing of any renown in the town is its university – Montford.  The school is small, but students come from around the country to get a Montford education.  They call it the Harvard of the West.

Many moons ago (there are a lot of Indian influences in Shelter Valley) Sophie Curtis was a student at Montford – ailing from Denver, Colorado, on a full scholarship.  She’s all grown up now.  Has a successful career.  And when she’s not traveling, she still calls Shelter Valley home.

Sophie had some issues in college.  For one, she was in love with her professor.  She was certain he was in love with her, too.  And told people so.  Only to find out that he wasn’t.  As it turned out, that was the least of her problems.  But Sophie’s older now.  Wiser.

But are we ever old enough to be fully wise?

I’m guessing probably not.  But here’s what I know – Shelter Valley is the place to be when you’re having unwise moments.  It’s the place to be when you’re struggling.  It’s the place to be when the life you were so certain was the right one for you falls into little pieces around your feet.  Because in Shelter Vallet people care.

Please join us.

Tara Taylor Quinn

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Quinn, Tara Taylor, Somebody’s Baby


Quinn, Tara Taylor, Somebody’s Baby (Shelter Valley Stories, Book 9),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2005).

Title:  Somebody’s Baby (Shelter Valley Stories, Book 9)

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Bereavement; Grief; Parenthood


Discovering she has a twin in Arizona, Caroline Prater leaves her hometown, her family and her farm and drives west She’ll try to connect with her sister Phyllis, and she’ll seek out John Strickland, the father of her baby—if only to let him know. John, like Caroline, is widowed.

Arriving in Shelter Valley it’s not long before Caroline becomes part of the town’s life. And while she’s waiting for the right moment to approach Phyllis, her relationship with John is growing deeper—but that’s just for the baby’s sake. Or is it?

Dear Reader,

Whether you’ve been to Shelter Valley before or find yourself here for a first visit – welcome!  It’s never too late to join us in this town – a home away from home for many readers around the world.  Shelter Valley has become a place of refuge, of hope and happiness, of new beginnings, of strength through adversity, of life.

If you’re here for the first time, don’t worry.  So is Caroline Prater.  Join this intelligent but uneducated farm girl as she comes to town with a big heart…and some shocking secrets.  You’ll travel with her from her home in Kentucky, find a boardinghouse, meet the residents of Caroline’s new town.  And if you’ve been here before, I think you’ll enjoy seeing the world of Shelter Valley through her eyes.  You’ll meet old friends and find out what they’re up to, how they’ve fared since you saw them last.  Pretty much everyone you’ve met in Shelter Valley appears in Somebody’s Baby.

Don’t let me give you the impression that this is going to be a lighthearted romp through town.  It’s not.  Caroline and John and the rest of the Shelter Valley residents are living life – real life – with its ups and downs, its fears and hardships.  They ask questions of themselves and each other, the same questions we all ask.  Hard questions that don’t always have answers.  Certainly not easy answers…

So come to Shelter Valley!  We’re waiting.  With refuge and hope, the promise of happiness, the possibility of new beginnings and – most of all – with the belief that love truly is the greatest thing of all.

Tara Taylor Quinn

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Quinn, Tara Taylor, Her Secret, His Child


Quinn, Tara Taylor, Her Secret, His Child,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 1999).

Title:  Her Secret, His Child

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Child Abuse; Parenthood; Prostitution


Mother and Daughter

Jamie Archer loves her four-year-old daughter, Ashley, more than anything in this world. But Jamie has a past she’s ashamed of, a past she needs to keep hidden. So she’s created an entirely new life for herself and Ashley a life that’s threatened when Kyle Radcliff reappears.

Father and Child

Kyle doesn’t immediately realize who she is, but Jamie recognizes him right away. He’s Ashley’s father. Even though he doesn’t know it.

A Family Now?

For Ashley’s sake, for all their sakes, Jamie has to tell him the truth something that seems to become harder every day. Because she’s falling in love with him. For the second time .

Dear Reader,

Almost everyone is biologically equipped to reproduce.

But as miraculous as birth is, the true miracle comes not in the giving of life but in the nurturing of it.  No job or other endeavor will ever be more important than the raising up of innocent lives.  To have a child completely dependent on you for food and clothing, for safety, for emotional health, for guidance, is an immense responsibility.

I’ve often thought you can judge people not by how they look or dress, the position they might hold in society, not by education, financial status or geographical location but by how effective they are as parents.  Unfortunately, good people are sometimes driven by life, by circumstances, by tragedy, to make bad decisions.  Yet it seems to me that a bad decision doesn’t necessarily make a bad person.

Sometimes, though, a person can be imprisoned by such a decision because our society tends to look only at the surface…tends not to looks beyond mistakes and their consequences.

Certainly, accountability is crucial, cost is just, but one of the great beauties of life is the opportunity for second chances.  I cling to that promise.

Her Secret, His Child was with me long before I wrote my first book.

I’m glad to finally have the opportunity to bring you this novel and hope you will join me in celebrating the incredible strength of the human spirit as you share Jamie’s story.

Tara Taylor Quinn

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Quinn, Tara Taylor, For Love or Money


Quinn, Tara Taylor, For Love or Money,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2016).

Title:  For Love or Money

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Heartwarming

Issues:  Addiction; Bereavement; Depression; Down’s Syndrome; Guilt; Parenthood


There’s no way that struggling single mom Janie Young is going to lose Family Secrets. Not even to Dr. Burke Carter. The prize money and media exposure from the cooking-competition show will secure the future for her and her son, who has special needs. Sure, Burke is a talented chef with his own reasons to win, but he already has so much: wealth, a beautiful daughter, great looks…and definitely her attention.

As their families become closer, Janie is beginning to care too much about him. But she can’t afford to get involved. Not when everything is riding on beating him.

Dear Reader,

As I write to you to tell you about For Love or Money, I’m deeply into book two in this new miniseries!  Family Secrets is turning out to be all I knew it could be.

Family Secrets is a reality-competition cooking show.  Contestants compete with their secret family recipes.  The show runs in segments with four regular competitions in different categories.  And then the final round.  Each book is one of those segments.  Other than the host, you see all different people, with completely different stories, in each book.

This miniseries isn’t only about secret recipes.  In every novel, you’ll find lives changed by a family secret.  A secret that, though maybe kept with the best of intentions, is powerful enough, damaging enough, to affect the lives and hearts of all those who didn’t know.

During this opening segment, you’re going to meet a very special little boy.  Dawson was inspired by a young man who captured my whole heart the first time I held him more than a decade ago, a close family member who brings a precious and unique joy into any space he occupies.  He is wanted, adored and protected by all members of his family.  Dawson and his experiences are completely fictional.  The joy he brings is not.

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Quinn, Tara Taylor, For The Children


Quinn, Tara Taylor, For The Children (Twins, Book 13),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2003).

Title:  For The Children

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Bereavement; Guilt; Interdependence; Parenthood; Suicide


Valerie is a juvenile court judge. She spends her days helping troubled kids–including her own fatherless twin boys.

Through her sons, she meets Kirk Chandler. Kirk’s given up a successful corporate career and dedicated himself to helping the children in his Phoenix community…as a basketball coach, as a crossing guard, as an adult who encourages them to strive for the best.

Kirk becomes an increasingly important part of her family’s life, even spending Christmas with Valerie and her twins. And Valerie discovers that she and Kirk not only share a commitment to protecting children, they share a deep attraction–and a personal connection that shocks them both.

Dear Reader,

I want to tell you about something that happened to me when I was writing this book.  I discovered that I’ve spent my entire life ignorant of the judicial system, which has been serving me diligently every single day.  Of course, I knew it existed.  I’ve been in a courtroom, seen hundreds of trials on television.  I knew all about being a judge-I thought.  I knew so much I missed the fact that I didn’t know anything at all.

Every day while we go about our business there are, in every country in the nation, people who carry the pressure of making life-determining decisions.  As I was doing research for this book, I sat in a juvenile courtroom, to the side of the judge’s bench, and saw what she saw-the kids out there in front of her, the attorneys and parents and witnesses and victims.  I saw the fear in the eyes of the teenage offenders whose lives might be forever changed that day.  And the hope felt by those who might be given another chance.  And I saw us.  You and me.  Out living our lives.  Taking for granted that the judge is going to look into the eyes of a sixteen-year-old, see the hope and the fear, and still make the decision that will keep us all safe.  Including that kid…

I could hardly handle a morning of that pressure.  And I was experiencing it vicariously.  I’ve always known that doctors did miraculous things-holding lives in their hands every day.  And policemen.  And firefighters and paramedics.  I missed the fact that judges give their lives and hearts and minds to preserving all our lives.  I, for one, will be aware and grateful that they’re in those courtrooms, taking this challenge upon themselves so that the rest of us can raise our children and send them off to school and grocery shop and go to church without worrying too much that the person next to us is a criminal.  A heartfelt thank-you!

I love to hear from readers.  You can reach me at PO Box 15065, Scottsdale, AZ 85267 or visit me at www.tarataylorquinn.com.

Tara Taylor Quinn

Quinn, Tara Taylor, A Son’s Tale


Quinn, Tara Taylor, A Son’s Tale (Comfort Cove, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2012).

Title:  A Son’s Tale (Comfort Cove, Book 1)

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Bereavement; Child Abduction; Parenthood


Twenty-five years ago… a mysterious crime was committed in Comfort Cove, Massachusetts. Frank Whittier was accused—but never charged. And it ruined his life.

Now… Cal Whittier, Frank’s son, is determined to protect him, to safeguard his father’s identity. After years on the run, they finally have their lives on an even keel, with Cal teaching at a college in Tennessee. Two things could change all that.

First, a cop in Comfort Cove starts looking into the case again. And second, Cal gets involved with single mother Morgan Lowen. He has plenty of reasons to avoid her—not the least of which is that she’s an adult student in one of his classes. And in Cal’s situation, any relationship is risky. Still…it could be the best risk he’s ever taken!

Dear Reader,

I was lucky growing up.  I had great parents.  My mother was there-always.  She cooked and cleaned for us, bandaged bruises and kissed away tears.  She also taught us.  She stood for right and good and kindness.  She didn’t tolerate lying or meanness.  She was strict with us…and she spoiled us.  She woke us up in the morning; each of us kids had our own personal welcome to the day.  She was at the door telling us goodbye when we left for school.  And there waiting for us when we got home.  She was our sounding board and our listening post.  She is still a voice in my head that I take with me every place I go.

And my father-he was the one who told us (and showed us) that we could be anything we wanted to be.  We could do anything we wanted to do.  We just had to put our minds to it.  Stay focused.  He was not a lazy man and he did not tolerate laziness in others.  He was goal oriented and demanded the same from each of us.  My father gave me the stick-to-it-iveness to reach my goal of becoming a writer for Harlequin Books.

And that brings us to comfort Cove, a small coastal fishing town in Massachusetts.  Something happened in Comfort Cove that changed the lives of two sets of parents and children.  In a Son’s Tale we meet Cal and his father, Frank.  How far will a father go to give his son a good life?  And how far will a son go to protect the father who sacrificed so much for him?  Do we ever quit owing tjose who gave us life?  Or serving those to whom we gave life?

I don’t have all the answers, but I am very happy to be bringing you the story of one father and one son.  I care very much about these men-and about the woman who enters the son’s life.  I hope you do, too.

Watch for A Daughter’s Story, coming in October 2012 from Harlequin Superromance.  I think mothers and daughters are even more complicated than fathers and sons!

As always, I love hearing from you!  You can reach me at staff@tarataylorquinn.com.  Or at P.O. Box 13584, Mesa, AZ 85216.

Tara Taylor Quinn

Quinn, Tara Taylor, A Daughter’s Story


Quinn, Tara Taylor, A Daughter’s Story (Comfort Cove, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2012).

Title:  A Daughter’s Story (Comfort Cove, Book 2)

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Bereavement; Child Abduction; Stalking


You can’t change the past but you can choose the future!

Twenty-five years ago… Emma Sanderson’s life was completely overturned. Her baby sister was kidnapped, right there in Comfort Cove, and her family fell apart.

Now… Emma lives quietly, cautiously. Until suddenly she finds out that the cold case involving her sister’s disappearance has been reopened. Then, she ends her engagement—and meets another man. Chris Talbot shares her intense unexpected attraction, and their hours together mean more than anything she’s ever experienced.

Despite that, she’s uncertain about a relationship with him. He’s a man in a dangerous profession, a man who makes his living from the sea, and there are reasons, good reasons, for Emma to keep her distance. But that night could have lasting consequences…

Dear Reader,

Ever wake up and look at your life and wish some things were different?  I have.  And sometimes still do.  And then what?  You shrug and go on with your routine, your day.  Most of the time, you’re happy.  Or at least content.

But what if…

What if you decided that the things you wished were different were going to be different?  What if, instead of shrugging and going on with “normal”, you made changes?

What if gets me every time.  Meet Emma Sanderson.  She’s a high school teacher with a mortgage and family responsibilities.  She can’t just change any of those things in her life.  Truth is, she doesn’t really want to.  She likes teaching and loves her family.  But she wants more.

A Daughter’s Story is about that more.  It’s about having the courage to make changes where you can-even in small ways.  It’s about daring to want and to reach for what you want within the realm of who and what you are.  It’s about taking what you have and doing something to make it even better.

A Daughter’s Story is about finding answers.  And…as always with me, it’s about love.

By the way, I’d really like to know what you think happened to Claire.  Write to me at staff@tarataylorquinn.com!  And watch for The truth About Comfort Cover, coming in January 2013.

Tara Taylor Quinn

Quinn, Tara Taylor, Wife by Design


Quinn, Tara Taylor, Wife by Design (Where Secrets Are Safe, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2013).

Title:  Wife by Design  (Where Secrets Are Safe, Book 1)

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Disability; Domestic Violence; Parenthood


When life hands you lemons…

You make lemonade.  That’s what Lynn Duncan believes.  A single mother and nurse practitioner, she works at The Lemonade Stand, a unique women’s shelter supported by various businesses.  These include a physiotherapy service, where Grant Bishop, a landscape designer, takes his disabled brother.

When Grant and Lynn first meet they’re intensely attracted to each other-but they don’t see a future for themselves.  They’re too committed to the people they need to protect.  For Lynn that’s three-year-old Kara and the residents at TLS.  And Grant will sacrifice anything for his brother.  That might have to include a relationship with Lynn…

Dear Reader,

Welcome to The Lemonade Stand.  Life hands all of us challenges; happiness comes though the choices we make in the face of those challenges.  And sometimes the choice that brings happiness is the decision to reach out for help.

I know that sometimes life feels as though there are no options left.  No hope for true joy.

And then there’s a place like The Lemonade Stand, a very special shelter for women.  More than a shelter.  It’s a place that shows women that they have the right to be happy.  Wife by Design is the first of a series called Where Secrets Are Safe-and tat refers to both the secrets that some women hide before they come to the Stand and the secrets, the hidden selves, they’re able to reveal and explore once they’re there.  I am deeply committed to these books.  And to the hope that the decent men and women at The Lemonade Stand have to offer.  There is true joy and deeply peaceful happiness available to every one of us.

Because, after all, when life hands you lemons, you can choose to make lemonade.

Please let me know what you think of this book.  And join me in the fight against domestic violence, which afflicts a shocking number of women in this country and worldwide.  You can reach me at www.tarataylorquinn.com.

Tara Taylor Quinn

Quinn, Tara Taylor, Once a Family


Quinn, Tara Taylor, Once a Family (Where Secrets Are Safe, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2014).

Title:  Once a Family  (Where Secrets Are Safe, Book 2)

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Addiction; Bereavement; Domestic Violence


There’s truth-and then there’s love

Sedona Campbell is an attorney who works with The Lemonade Stand, a unique women’s shelter in California.  She’s called in to advise fifteen-year-old Tatum Malone, who claims she’s been abused-by her brother, not her boyfriend.  It’s Sedona’s job to sort out truth from lie.  She soon discovers that’s not an easy task, especially once she meets Tanner Malone.  Because despite herself, she’s attracted to him.

Tanner has always protected his younger sister-but she’s lying about him.  And he’s falling for Sedona.  Between them, maybe they can figure out why Tatum’s doing this.  Maybe then he and Sedona will be free to love each other…

Dear Reader,

Life, in all its messiness, is a miracle.  We have to be willing to stay on the ride, sometimes just holding on, when the road gets bumpy, in order to avail ourselves of the perfect moments.

And sometimes we need a safe place in which to take a time out.

The Lemonade Stand, Where Secrets Are Safe, is one of those places.  The Stand is going to be around for a long time.  You’ll have many opportunities to stay here with me.  And to experience some perfect moments while you do-you know the kind, where you escape into a story, experience a whole other world, maybe find some meaningful titbits that somehow apply to your life, all without leaving your chair.

I hope you’ll also see the perfection in messiness.  The value in the struggle.  Families are tough.  Maybe more than anyone else, we trust our family members to have our backs.  To love us no matter what.  And with that trust comes the capacity for great pain – if our trust is broken.  If family members aren’t who we think they are.  And we understand, too.  We know that family is heart.  And heart is the one thing we can’t ever completely walk away from.

So we run to a place like the lemonade Stand, Where Secrets Are Safe and pain can be healed.  Come on in.  Get comfortable.  And be prepared to find family and love!

I’m a spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence Hotline (www.thehotline.org. 1-800-799-7233), and I also work with an organization called Chrysalis (www.noabuse.org).  Chrysalis has several shelters and they offer certified counseling for victims and for abusers, as well as legal aid and financial aid for those starting over.

I love to hear from readers.  You can reach me at www.TaraTaylorQuinn.com.

Tara Taylor Quinn

Quinn, Tara Taylor, Mother by Fate


Quinn, Tara Taylor, Mother by Fate (Where Secrets Are Safe, Book 5),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2014).

Title:  Mother by Fate  (Where Secrets Are Safe, Book 5)

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Bereavement; Domestic Violence; Guilt; Parenthood


To trust a stranger…

Sara Havens helps others.  Mothers.  Children.  Those who seek to escape from violence.  Her work with The Lemonade Stand-a unique women’s shelter-also let’s her forget the loss of the child who should have been hers.  And when a handsome stranger strikes up a poolside conversation, it’s no coincidence.

Bounty hunter Michael Edison is tracking a former resident of the shelter.  Fearing for the missing woman’s safety, Sara joins the pursuit.  But nothing is what it appears to be-including Michael.  As they grow closer, Sara risks losing her carefully constructed control…

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to The Lemonade Stand, Where Secrets Are Safe!

We’re actually not at the Stand right now.  We’re out on the beach, briefly in a kennel for rescue animals, in a neighbouring city and people are looking out for us and keeping our secrets safe.

I love all of the Where Secrets Are Safe books.  I created a shelter that I wish was real.  One that, if I ever have the means, I will open.  I particularly love this book in that it looks at an issue that is close to my heart-the idea of loving someone as your own who, technically, isn’t yours.

In today’s world relationships are a lot more fluid than they used to be.  They aren’t always forever.  And yet when we give our hearts, we give them forever.  So what happens to all of the peripheral family relationships when a couple breaks up?  In particular, what happens when you love a child as your own who does not biologically belong to you?

I had a friend for many years who struggled emotionally.  I took on her daughter as my own.  I love that little girl, took her into my home, my family.  And when the friend moved on, when she determined that she no longer needed my help, I was left with an emptiness in my heart that I couldn’t do anything about.

That emptiness is the basis of Mother by Fate.  I don’t have the answers.  But I understand the pain.  And believe that love really can heal whatever wounds we carry inside us.

I love to hear from readers!  You can reach me at staff@tarataylorquinn.com.  Or find me on Facebook or Twitter!

Tara Taylor Quinn