Cassidy, Carla, Operation Cowboy Daddy

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Cassidy, Carla, Operation Cowboy Daddy (Cowboys of Holiday Ranch, Book 5),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Operation Cowboy Daddy (Cowboys of Holiday Ranch, Book 5)

Author:  Carla Cassidy

Imprint:  Romantic Suspense

Issues:  Interracial Relationships; Parenthood; POC


When a baby is abandoned on his doorstep, cowboy Tony Nakni is blindsided. He never wanted to be a father, but his ex-girlfriend is on the run and tells Tony he’s the only person she trusts to keep little Joey safe. Struggling with the infant, Tony turns to caring Mary Redwing for help.

Lovely Mary agrees to help care for the child, but a shared desire simmering between her and Tony soon intensifies the arrangement. As the search for Joey’s mom brings grave danger to their doorstep, his protective instincts emerge, unearthing the depth of his feelings. But can the rugged rancher save the family he’s falling for…before it’s too late?

Dear Reader,

Like my hero, Tony Nakni, I love autumn.  I enjoy the cool evening breezes, the changing colors of the tree leaves and that crisp, clean scent that lingers in the air.

However, for Tony autumn brings big changes when his ex-girlfriend drops off a baby and tells him the child is his.  Before he can ask any questions she’s gone, and the cowboy is left with the three-month-old baby.  In desperation he seeks the help of Mary Redwing, a woman who has secrets of her own.

Tony and Mary not only face an unexpected danger but also a surprising passion.  In order to protect the child, they will not only have to put their lives on the line, but also their hearts.

Oh, yes, I love autumn, especially when it brings a shout of danger and a whisper of desire.

I hope you enjoy reading Operation Cowboy Daddy, the newest book in the Cowboys of Holiday Ranch series.

Happy reading!

Carla Cassidy


Lee, Rachel, Conard County Marine


Lee, Rachel, Conard County Marine (Conard County:  The Next Generation),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Conard County Marine (Conard County:  The Next Generation)

Author:  Rachel Lee

Imprint:  Romantic Suspense

Issues:   Amnesia; Attack; Violence


The arrival of a single black rose signals danger to come for Kylie Brewer. Recovering from a brutal attack that claimed three years of her memory and her chance at a promising career, Kylie just wants to pick up the remaining fragments of her life. She returns to her hometown of Conard City to live with her sister but soon learns that putting the past in its place won’t be easy.  

Marine sergeant Evan Cooper—a trusted family friend who agrees to help Kylie—can’t ignore his protective instincts. Or the steadily growing desire he feels for a woman who has overcome so much. He vows to help keep Kylie’s demons at bay…but someone else has plans to finish what they started.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a new adventure into the world of my Escape Club Heroes.  The Escape, a riverside nightclub owned by a retired police officer, is known for hot bands, but it maintains a quieter reputation for helping people with problems that fall through the cracks of typical law enforcement.

When she becomes the object of an aggressive stalker, Julia Cooper seeks help fro the Escape to unravel the threats to her career as well as her life.  Unfortunately, she can’t decide if being under the watchful eye of Mitch Galway makes things better  or worse.  Julia has hidden her true motivations for her career success from the world for so long that I knew it would take a special kind of hero to crack through the wall around her heart.

Mitch, a Philly firefighter currently moonlighting as an Escape bartender, is a remarkable guy and he intrigued me from the start.  Firefighters are vital, everyday heroes in our communities and they have a place of honor in my heart.  I a forever grateful for the swift response, expertise and compassion of the crew that saved our family home during a New Year’s Eve party when I was a kid.

Julia and Mitch felt like dear friends to me as I was writing their story and I hope you’ll soon feel the same way.  Enjoy their story and keep an eye out for more Escape Club Heroes on the horizon.

Live the adventure.

Regan Black

Black, Regan, Safe in His Sight


Black, Regan, Safe in His Sight (Escape Club Heroes, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Safe in His Sight (Escape Club Heroes, Book 1)

Author:  Regan Black

Imprint:  Romantic Suspense

Issues:  Gendered Expectations (Women); Stalking


The stalker shadowing lawyer Julia Cooper’s every move is vowing to ruin her life—unless she discloses information about a major criminal case. For discreet help, she turns to the shadowy Escape Club, where investigative brainpower and brawn are for hire. Mitch Galway, a firefighter on leave, becomes Julia’s round-the-clock bodyguard.

All sculpted biceps, sexy bravado and conflicted past, Mitch works overtime to uncover the identity of the person hunting her. But as they track the creep getting way too close, Julia must share more of herself with the intriguing man protecting her…which puts them both high on a lunatic’s hit list.

Childs, Lisa, Beauty and the Bodyguard


Childs, Lisa, Beauty and the Bodyguard (Bachelor Bodyguards, Book 4),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2016).

Title:  Beauty and the Bodyguard (Bachelor Bodyguards, Book 4)

Author:  Lisa Childs

Imprint:  Romantic Suspense

Issues:  Abduction; Hostage; Violence


Can this bachelor bodyguard save his true love from mortal danger…on her wedding day?

Bride-to-be Megan Lynch has just learned her ex, presumed dead marine Gage Huxton, is alive after surviving enemy captivity. But before she can break up with her fiancé, gunmen storm her wedding and take hostages! Megan will do anything to stay alive—for herself and a second chance with Gage. But there’s more terror to endure before she can say yes to the dress—and her dream groom!

What do the gunmen want? Gage works double time to unravel the mystery and save the beauty who still holds his heart. As the wedding crashers open fire, Gage puts his life on the line to protect Megan and convince her of his love.

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to River City, Michigan, and the Payne Protection Agency.  Beauty and the Bodyguard is the fourth book in the Bachelor Bodyguards series.  Blushing bride Megan Lynch has more than cold feet over her upcoming nuptials.  She can’t marry her groom.  She doesn’t love him.  She’s in love with a ghost.  Then that ghost shows up at the church.

Gage Huxton has no intention of stopping Megan’s wedding.  She’s broken his heart more than his captors have broken his body or spirit over the six months he was missing in action and presumed dead.  His only intention is to protect the bride-which proves to be this bachelor bodyguard’s most dangerous assignment yet.  He isn’t risking just his life; he’s risking his heart, too.

I hope you enjoy this latest book in the Bachelor Bodyguards series.

Happy Reading!

Lisa Childs

Lacombe, Lara, Enticed by the Operative


Lacombe, Lara, Enticed by the Operative (Doctors in Danger, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2016).

Title:  Enticed by the Operative (Doctors in Danger, Book 1)

Author:  Lara Lacombe

Imprint:  Romantic Suspense

Issues:  Abduction; Drugs; Hostage


On a medical mission to South America, Dr. Olivia Sandoval hardly expects to be threatened by a drug cartel. To save lives, Olivia agrees to transport drugs for them. When DEA agent Logan Murray appears as her partner-in-crime and rescuer, Olivia’s relieved…and drawn to her knight in shining armor.

Logan jumps at the chance to guard a beautiful woman and bring down a drug ring. After all, neither he nor Olivia are looking for forever love—just justice. But one kiss changes that as they go on the run. When taken hostage in the jungle, they must not only defeat the enemy—but also escape with their lives!

Dear Reader,

I love to travel!  I’m lucky enough to have visited the rain forest twice-once in Central America, and once in South America.  Both times, I was awed by the magnitude of the forest, and by the sheer number and variety of plants, animals and insects, all of them fascinating and not nearly as interested in me as I was in them.

I really enjoyed revisiting the forest while writing this book.  Olivia and Logan got up close and personal with the jungle, which only makes their lives even more complicated.  I hope you enjoy reading about their adventures!  I know I’d love to hear from you-feel free to email me and tell me your favorite vacation spot!

All the best!

Lara Lacombe

Cassidy, Carla, Confessing to the Cowboy


Cassidy, Carla, Confessing to the Cowboy (Cowboy Café, Book 4),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2013).

Title:  Confessing to the Cowboy (Cowboy Cafe, Book 4)

Author:  Carla Cassidy

Imprint:  Romantic Suspense

Issues:  Domestic Violence; Murder; Parenthood


Someone is killing waitresses at the Cowboy Cafe. Three women are dead, and Sheriff Cameron Evans means to find out why. But as he works to solve the case, the hunky sheriff must push beyond his feelings for the cafe’s owner. There’s a murderer on the loose. Passion has no place here.

For Mary Mathis, the crime is personal. Not only are the victims her employees, they may be a sign of something deeper. Eight years ago she came to Grady Gulch fleeing a violent past that has scarred her for life. Now she has to discover if that history is dooming the women who work for her. She already knows it has made new love impossible; no matter what she may secretly desire.

Dear Reader,

It’s always with a bit of sadness that I come to an end of a series, and I especially hate to say goodbye to all the people of Grady Gulch, Oklahoma, and the Cowboy Café.

There’s nothing better than small towns that enjoy a sense of community pride, places where neighbors help neighbors without any expectation of repayment.  My heroine, Mary Mathis, lands in Grady Gulch with secrets that threaten both herself and her son, secrets that she hopes nobody ever learns.  Sheriff Cameron Evans is a man on a mission, wanting to discover everything he can about the lovely Mary who owns and operates the Cowboy Café.  But when her secrets explode, death and destruction follow and Mary must learn to trust the very man who could destroy her.

I hope you enjoy this last book in the Cowboy Café series.  Who knows, maybe someday in the future we’ll come back to visit.

Happy reading!

Carla Cassidy

Cassidy, Carla, Colton Cowboy Hideout


Cassidy, Carla, Colton Cowboy Hideout (The Coltons of Texas, Book 7),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2016).

Title:  Colton Cowboy Hideout (The Coltons of Texas, Book 7)

Author:  Carla Cassidy

Imprint:  Romantic Suspense

Issues:  Foster Care; Parenthood; Witness Protection


After years in hiding, Josie Colton has her life back. But to settle a family promise, she must find an old clue buried at the Colton Valley Ranch. She enlists the help of ranch foreman Tanner Grange—in exchange for working as his twin toddlers’ new nanny. On their search, the single dad soon begins to lasso Josie’s heart.

Tanner agrees to assist Josie and is alarmed by how the Colton beauty fits so perfectly into his life. He’s got his hands full investigating the disappearance of his boss and caring for his little girls. When it’s clear someone will kill to stop Josie from uncovering the clue, Tanner vows to protect her…for life!

Dear Reader,

I love the Coltons series, and Colton Cowboy Hideout introduces a new branch of the family.  You know there’s going to be plenty of drama and danger when the Coltons are in the house!

After the patriarch of the family, a billionaire baron, goes missing the finger-pointing begins among his children and stepchildren.  Everyone appears to have a motive…except Josie Colton and Tanner Grange.

Josie has come to the Colton Valley Ranch on a mission and circumstances instantly throw her together with ranch foreman Tanner.  The attractive Josie is the last thing Tanner, single father to twin girls, needs in his life.  But, when danger appears, Tanner swears to keep her safe and then tell her goodbye.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing sexier than a hot cowboy who loves his children and protects his woman…unless it’s the hot Italian man I married.

Happy reading!

Carla Cassidy

Anders, Karen, Special Ops Rendezvous


Anders, Karen, Special Ops Rendezvous,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2014).

Title:  Special Ops Rendezvous

Author:  Karen Anders

Imprint:  Romantic Suspense

Issues:  PTSD


As The Adair Legacy continues, a beautiful P.I. and a damaged warrior race to prevent an assassination

He can’t remember what they did to him while he’d been held captive.  But the blackouts and memory loss Sam Winston suffers since returning home scare the decorated soldier more than combat.  Most of all, he fears placing those he cares about in danger…especially Olivia Owens.

Despite the risks, the gorgeous investigator is determined to help Sam remember the terrible secrets locked inside his head.  Olivia is convinced he’s the key to a terrifying conspiracy.  Working closely together, Olivia hopes that Sam makes progress with uncovering the past, and that the walls around his long-guarded heart fall down…

Dear Reader,

Special Ops Rendezvous brings together U.S. army ranger Sam Winston and P.I. Olivia Owens and is the third book in The Adair Legacy continuity.  Olivia’s psychologist brother had asked her to look out for Sam, one of his patients.  Then her brother is murdered and Olivia tries to get close to Sam to not only protect him, but to get to the bottom of her brother’s death.

Thrown together, a chemistry that is volatile, Olivia and Sam fight their attraction as hard as they fight each other.  Sam likes to give orders, but finds that tough-as-nails Olivia has a mind of her own.  She discovers Sam is a loner and a sexy, alpha male.  Her brother was right.  Sam is being followed and is mixed up in a deadly conspiracy, and it seems that Sam is the linchpin.

This wounded hero, who’s experiencing blackouts and memory loss and is tortured by nightmares, has the answers locked up in his mind.  Desperately they search for answers in a deadly game that could cost Sam and Olivia everything.

I was thrilled to be asked to write this compelling and sexy U.S. army ranger for the continuity.  Don’t miss the heart-pounding conclusion to The Adair Legacy, Secret Service Rescue by Elle James!