Roberts, Alison, Their First Family Christmas

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Roberts, Alison, Their First Family Christmas,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Their First Family Christmas

Author:  Alison Roberts

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Bereavement; Grief; Parenthood


Her Christmas past becomes her Christmas present!

When Dr. Emma Matthews was entrusted with the guardianship of her best friend’s daughter, she promised that every Christmas would be special But this Christmas Eve, Jack Reynolds – her old flame and Lily’s uncle – has walked back into their lives.

Both Emma and Jack still bear the scars of this time last year. But now Jack wants to start again:  being there for his adorable niece, picking up where he and Emma left off, and giving them all the family Christmas they deserve!


Andrews, Amy, Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger

Andrews, Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger.jpg

Andrews, Amy, Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger

Author:  Amy Andrews

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Injury; Self Esteem


When that guy on the train turns out to be your boss!

Nurse Felicity Mitchell’s train journey of a lifetime is even more unforgettable when she meets Callum Hollingsworth. Neither is looking for temptation, but that doesn’t stop them from sharing one hot, wild night!

Except when they disembark, they learn that what happened on the train won’t stay on the train. Because the gorgeous stranger is Flick’s new boss…and it’s increasingly difficult to keep their chemistry under control and leave it at just one night!

Dear Reader,

When I was asked to write a duo with Emily Forbes centering around a house swap, I leaped at the chance.  I simply adored the movie The Holiday, and thought the concept would be great to play around with.  There are no snowy cottages or Jude Laws in this one, but there is Outback Australia, a delicious wounded doc and a no-nonsense small-town nurse who’s superwary of love – particularly when it comes in the form of a very temporary locum.

I was also thrilled finally to be able to put a train in a book!  In 2012 my husband and I travelled on the Indian Pacific from Sydney all the way across the country to Perth, and I have been wanting to put that trip in a book ever since.  Growing up as the daughter of a railway man, I’ve always felt trains are in my blood, and some of my happiest childhood memories involve train trips with the family.  There’s just something so romantic about saloon cars, moonlit landscapes flitting by and two strangers making love all night to the clickerty-clack of the rails against the track.

I hope you enjoy the journey through this book as much as I did bringing it to you.

Happy reading – and all aboard!


Marinelli, Carol, The Baby of Their Dreams

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Marinelli, Carol, The Baby of Their Dreams,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2015).

Title:  The Baby of Their Dreams

Author:  Carol Marinelli

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Bereavement; Grief; Parenthood


Barcelona, baby…bride? 

Seven years ago ER doctor Cat Hayes was left heartbroken after losing her baby boy. Now she’s focused on her career. But when she meets gorgeous Dr. Dominic Edwards at a Spanish conference, resisting his scorching touch isn’t easy… Cat returns home sun-kissed and accidentally pregnant! 

Widower Dom never thought he’d ever find love again—let alone a family! As the promise of their miracle baby begins to heal both their hearts, Dom knows he can’t let Cat slip through his fingers. All it takes is one down-on-one-knee question…

Dear Reader,

Some stories write themselves.  Not all.  Often I’m tearing my hair out.  But I wasn’t with Cat and Dominic.  I actually had a plan with this story…my hero and heroine simply refused to stick to it.

I kept reminding them that I was the writer, but they refused to listen and I actually couldn’t type fast enough some days to keep up with them.  I simply loved them both, and I wanted to get to their happy-ever-after so that I could see for myself how they worked things out.

I hope you enjoy meeting them as much as I did.

Happy reading!


Gianna, Robin, Reunited with his Runaway Bride

Gianna, Reunited with his Runaway Bride.jpg

Gianna, Robin, Reunited with his Runaway Bride,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Reunited with his Runaway Bride

Author:  Robin Gianna

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Accident; Parenthood; Trauma;


Brought back together by a baby

It broke Dr. Bree Donovan’s heart to end things with family-orientated surgeon Sean Latham, but marriage and kids are not for her. Only, now Sean is asking her to help care for his newborn nephew while his sister is in hospital, and Bree can’t say no.

It’s temporary, but as Bree experiences how rewarding family life can be–and gives in to the passion she and Sean have always shared–is it possible for her to believe that this time around they really could have it all?

Dear Reader,

I realized I’d never had an infant featured in one of my stories, only young children, and decided I wanted that for my next book.  The first idea that came to me was this version of the “baby on the doorstep” theme, and I decided to go with it!

Bree and Sean broke their engagement six months ago because it became painfully clear that there are too many differences between them – number one being that he wants children and she doesn’t.  When a car accident seriously injures Sean’s nine-months-pregnant sister, who is also Bree’s good friend, they’re unavoidably thrown together to care for the healthy newborn.  Sean and Bree have zero experience with infants, and I had fun remembering a few things new parents go through as they learn how to cope with a tony human arriving in their lives.

Sean and Bree expect to be stuck spending time together just briefly, until the newborn’s mother arrives to take over baby duty.  But it ends up being days longer, and it’s not easy fighting the attraction still sizzling between them.  So many good memories are there, too, despite the bad ones that keep surfacing.  Ultimately they both figure out what is most important to them, but it isn’t easy!

I love to hear from readers!  You can find me at, on Facebook, and on Twitter, @robin_gianna.  I hope you enjoy the story.

Robin xoxo

Webber, Meredith, The Sheikh’s Doctor Bride


Webber, Meredith, The Sheikh’s Doctor Bride, (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2015).

Title:  The Sheikh’s Doctor Bride

Author:  Meredith Webber

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Class Differences; Debt; Gendered Expectations (Men); Interracial Relationships; POC


Married to the Sheikh…

ER doctor Kate will do anything to save her family’s livelihood. So when the Sultan of Amberach offers her a lifeline in exchange for her working in his state-of-the-art hospital and marrying his nephew – gorgeous, brooding sheikh Dr. Fareed Faruke – it’s a deal Kate has to accept!

Fareed has always known he’ll never have a say in who he marries, but he’s shocked to see beautiful Kate behind the gold silk veil. She’s the one woman he shouldn’t want – and yet the only woman he can’t seem to resist…

Dear Reader,

Books come together in many ways – a little bit here and a little bit there.  One of the ‘bits’ this time has now become legend in my family.  Some forty years ago my mother-in-law went to see a woman who read cards to tell the future, and this woman told her that if she went away on a trip with her widowed son and his two teenage daughters she’d never have to worry about him again.

That night the son in question phoned her from interstate, where he lived, to ask her to go to India with him and the girls.  She agreed – here was the trip the cards had foretold!  I joined their flight in far-off Western Australia as the tour leader, and that’s how I met my husband and the two teenagers who have become my very loved daughters.

It still gives me shivers up the spine when I realise just how little we know of the part fate must play in our lives.  I do hope fate is kind to you.

Meredith Webber

Marinelli, Carol, Surgeon in a Tux


Marinelli, Carol, Surgeon in a Tux (200 Harley Street, Book 1), (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2014).

Title:  Surgeon in a Tux (200 Harley Street, Book 1)

Author:  Carol Marinelli

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Debt; Injury


Awakened by the boss!

Renowned plastic surgeon Leo Hunter has sacrificed everything to restore the Hunter Clinic to its former glory. Now this legendary playboy—equally at home in a tux as he is in his scrubs—always has a glamorous woman on his arm. So why is he drawn to his prim and uber-efficient new head nurse, Lizzie Birch? She’s the first woman in a long time who is resistant to Leo’s intoxicating charms. And it might break all his rules, but Leo can’t resist the challenge of unbuttoning the intriguing Lizzie!

Dear Reader,

I so enjoyed writing the first book for this wonderful 200 Harley Street continuity.

I am very glad that the editors choose who writes which story, because I confess, had it been left to me, I would have struggled to choose between the two brothers – Leo and Ethan Hunter.  Actually, had it been left to me, I’d have probably gone for the deliciously dark and tortured Ethan – but the editors do know best because I had been given Ethan I’d never have fallen in love with the reprobate Leo – and fall in love I did.

Yes, he was reeling me in by the time my gorgeous heroine, Lizzie, first picked up the phone and spoke to him.  He’s sexy, snobby, funny and, in his own way, just as tortured as Ethan.  I hope you love him too!

I can’t wait to read the rest of the stories and get back to the glamour and heartbreak at 200 Harley Street and find out what happens to the rest of the characters (especially Ethan!).

Happy reading!


Carol x

Ruttan, Amy, Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart


Ruttan, Amy, Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart, (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart

Author:  Amy Ruttan

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Bereavement; Grief; Loss; Parenthood


It started with a kiss…

Having left his humanitarian posting in Africa to raise his two orphaned nieces in San Francisco, Dr. Gavin Brice has enough on his plate without an inconvenient attraction to his new boss! The frosty Dr. Virginia Potter clearly disapproves of his maverick ways – but with one amazing kiss, the ice begins to thaw…

Dear Reader,

Thank you for picking up a copy of Melting the Ice Queens Heart.  I don’t think authors can ever truly express how much it means to us that readers like you enjoy our stories.

Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart is set in one of my most favorite cities in the world:  San Francisco.  My grandmother had a painting in her dining room of the Golden Gate Bridge and I used to stare at it for hours on end.  It’s now in my home.

I always wanted to go to San Francisco, and in 2008, at a Romance Writer’s of America conference, I had that chance.  It was amazing, and I knew I had to set a romance in that city someday.

This story is about two stubborn surgeons who have never wanted a family of their own because they’ve both lost someone they cared about deeply, and it has made them afraid to love.

Yet somehow love always finds a way, and even the most stubborn man can melt a heart of ice.

I hope you enjoy Melting the Ice Queen’s Heart.  I love hearing from readers, so please drop by my website,, or give me a shout on Twitter, @ruttanamy.

With warmest wishes,

Amy Ruttan

Hardy, Kate, Her Real Family Christmas


Hardy, Kate, Her Real Family Christmas, (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  Her Real Family Christmas

Author:  Kate Hardy

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Bereavement; Divorce; Foster Care; Grief; Parenthood


Dr Stephanie Scott’s smile can light up a room and she certainly catches the eye of single dad and obstetric surgeon Daniel Connor! But getting close to him and his little girl isn’t an option for recently divorced and heartbroken Stephanie. She’s long since felt she’ll never fit into a family.

But spending time with Daniel and his cute daughter Mia, opens Stephanie’s eyes to the possibility that her longed for wish — a family of her very own — might just come true this Christmas…

Dear Reader,

I rather like stories where the hero and heroine teach each other to trust again and/or love again.

My heroine doesn’t think she’ll ever fit into a family because she’s never had one – except in-laws who didn’t ever accept her for who she was.  This is where my hero and his daughter come in.  They need to learn to love again and open their hearts – which is what she does for them.

This idea actually started last ear, when I got my twice-yearly cold.  It always turns into a horrible croupy cough, nobody in the house gets any sleep for about a week, and I can’t nag about homework because I lose my voice (that bit is popular and almost makes up for the lack of sleep).  I was having a bit of a pity party on Facebook about it when one of my readers emailed me and suggested I got checked out for reactive airways.  I looked up the condition (which I don’t have, by the way – I’m just prone to croup), and thought it would be a great way for my hero and heroine to meet…  (A special thank you to Pat Amsden for the lightbulb moment).

I also love writing about Christmas.  The season’s one of my favourites, with its chance to spend some real quality time with my family.  (And I admit I love all the sparkling lights and the special ornaments on the tree.  And now my littlest is old enough she helps me find the perfect presents for her dad’s and brother’s stockings).  When my children were really small, one of our favourite Christmas traditions was taking them to see Santa.  So I couldn’t resist getting my hero and heroine to take his daughter to see Santa – and that of course, led to finding out what she really, really wanted for Christmas.

Oh, and there are the scallops.  My daughters and I discovered them while I was writing the book, played around with different ways of cooking them, and thought it should be this book’s recipe.  🙂  Enjoy!

I’m always delighted to hear from readers, so do come and visit me at

With love

Kate Hardy

George, Louisa, The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date


George, Louisa, The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date, (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date

Author:  Louisa George

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Celebrity Culture; Self Esteem


A mistake waiting to happen? It’s been four years since infamous party girl delectable Daniella Danatello brought her powerful family the wrong sort of publicity! Dani’s desperate to get back in their good books, and accepts a job as physiotherapist on her father’s rugby team. There’s just one thing – one man – standing in the way of earning back her selfrespect: the team doctor, Zac Price.

With killer abs and infuriatingly sexy arrogance, Zac is one massive distraction – and now she’s his colleague any involvement with him would break all the rules. Dani’s determined to keep away…but Zac’s just too tempting to ignore…

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for picking up this book, my fourth for Mills & Boon Medical Romance.

The story is set during a fictional international rugby tournament, but much of the colour and background setting is from the very real experiences I had at the Rugby World Cup, recently held in New Zealand.  I hope I have managed to encapsulate some of the excitement and atmosphere there was when the world came to party with us!

We met hero Zac, albeit briefly, in my first book, One Month to Become a Mum, and my editor convinced me that he should have his own story.  She was right, of course.  Zac needed to find love – he just didn’t know how!

Daniella, our reluctant heroine, was a delight to write, with her celebrity-obsessed family and her desire to put her mistakes firmly behind her.  But she, too, didn’t believe falling in love was possible.

The essence of this book is about taking a chance and chasing your dreams.  For Zac and Dani past events have made them cautious both when it comes to career choice and their love lives.  But when their paths cross they have their beliefs challenged – in lots of sizzlingly interesting ways!

I hope you enjoy their journey – let me know at or!

Happy reading!

Louisa x

Drake, Dianne, Tortured By Her Touch


Drake, Dianne, Tortured By Her Touch (Army Docs, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2015).

Title:  Tortured By He Touch (Army Docs, Book 1)

Author:  Dianne Drake

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Injury; Paraplegic; Physical Disability


Ex-army doc Marc Rousseau might be devastatingly sexy, but he specializes in being difficult! No longer able to practice as a surgeon, he’s working with injured war veterans alongside stunning Dr. Anne Sebastian…the one woman who sees beyond his gruff exterior.

Marc knows Anne is off-limits – especially as she’s unlikely to trust any man again – but being around her is such sweet torture! And when a late-night swim leads to a steamy kiss, Marc and Anne start to wonder…dare they take a chance on a future together?

Dear Reader,

Back in the day, when I was actively pursuing a nursing career, I worked at the Veterans’ Hospital.  The patients I was fortunate enough to serve were a wholly amazing and heroic group of men and women.  It always amazed me to watch them fight their battles with such courage.

When I was asked to write this book I knew immediately where my setting had to be.  It was an honour to pay tribute to the brave soldiers who had once been under my care.  Especially in the persona of Marc Rousseau, a doctor who comes home from the war badly damaged.  My story is inspired by two people I know – people who fell in love despite great obstacles.  David is a paraplegic who married his nurse – an inspiring story because the disability was never part of their relationship.  True love sees no boundaries.

My heroine, Anne, never sees the disability in the man she loves.  All she wants to do is encourage him – the way all people in love want to encourage each other.  It’s a story of two people coming to terms with love, not disability.

I’d like to thank Mills and Boon for giving me the opportunity to show that love can shine through adversity.

Wishing you health and happiness…


PS.  Please feel free to email me at or connect to my Facebook page or Twitter account through links posted to my website at