Ferrarella, Marie, The Cowboy and the Baby

Ferrarella, The Cowboy and the Baby.jpg

Ferrarella, Marie, The Cowboy and the Baby,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Cowboy and the Baby

Author:  Marie Ferrarella

Imprint:  Western Romance

Issues:  Orphan; Parenthood


The wrangler’s special delivery…

When the father of her baby bails, Devon Bennett finds herself in a difficult position. As in “giving birth in a truck on the side of a road” difficult. Devon’s never felt more alone, until a hunky cowboy rides in to save the day.

Deputy Cody McCullough can’t shake the feeling that Devon and her baby still need him, and not just because they’re staying at his ranch. It’s obvious that the single mom’s heart has been broken before and trusting this cowboy lawman doesn’t come easily. But Cody will do whatever it takes to make Devon feel safe again…and to see that her heart finally has a home.

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to Forever, Texas.  I have a brand-new family for you, the McCulloughs, three brothers and a sister.  Orphaned at a young age, they learned early on to depend upon one another and also on the kindness of others, such as Miss Joan, the hard on the outside, soft on the inside owner of the diner, the town’s only restaurant.

This first book belongs to Cody, the third brothers.  While all four McCulloughs live on the family ranch and pitch in to make a go of it, three of them are branching out.  In Cody’s case, he became a deputy sheriff, taking Alma Rodriguez-Tyler’s place when the latter retired to raise her children.

Growing up on the ranch, Cody had more than one occasion to assist when one of the horses had a foal or when one of the cows had a calf.  All that came in handy on the morning he came across Devon Bennett, who had pulled over to the side of the road in her beat-up truck because she was in labor.  Drawn to the vehicle by her screams, the young deputy had no choice but to help.  And once he helped that young life come into the world, he felt honor-bound to make sure that everything else went well for the infant, as well as the baby’s mother.  Come see what happens next!

As always, I thank you for reading one of my books, and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you someone to love who loves you back!


Marie Ferrarella