King, Lucy, The Reunion Lie


King, Lucy, The Reunion Lie,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  The Reunion Lie

Author:  Lucy King

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues:  Bullying; Self Esteem


It was only meant to be a little white lie.

Inventing a fake fiancé was an act of desperation for Zoe Montgomery – a knee-jerk response to her horrifying high school reunion! But now that she’s convinced London’s most unattainable bachelor to play the part, her little white lie is spiralling out of control.

Because everyone wants a piece of tycoon Dan Forrester. Including Zoe! Especially once she’s seen the view from his bedroom – this might be a fake engagement, but she’s certainly not faking anything else!

Now the reunion is over, and Zoe and Dan have convinced the world they’re meant to be! But convincing each other? A whole different challenge…

Dear Reader,

Some people say that your schooldays, with few responsibilities, hordes of friends and long, long holidays, are the happiest of your life.  Others add that, whether you loved them or hated them, they can shape you for years.

Who hasn’t idly browsed through Facebook to see what’s become of the class bully or the prettiest, most popular girl in the year?  And who hasn’t wished they could sail into a reunion looking a million dollars, brimming with confidence and showing everyone what a fabulous success of their life they’ve made?

That’s perennially single Zoe Montgomery’s plan when, against her better instincts, she decides to attend her fifteen-year school reunion.  Her schooldays definitely weren’t the happiest of her life, and much to her dismay they’ve subsequently had quite an impact, so she’s out to get closure.  But, as can happen with the best-laid plans, things rapidly go awry-and before she knows it she’s not only invented a fabulous fake boyfriend, she’s brough him to life.  When gorgeous advertising exec and latest tabloid hottie Dan Forrester and a very active grapevine become involved things start to get really complicated!

The school reunion that I went to, which provided the initial spark for this story, wasn’t nearly as dramatic as Zoe’s, but I can’t help wishing it had been!  I had a blast Dan and Zoe’s story-I hope you enjoy it.

Lucy x