Southwick, Teresa, Her Maverick M.D.

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Southwick, Teresa, Her Maverick M.D. (Montana Mavericks:  The Baby Bonanza, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Her Maverick M.D. (Montana Mavericks:  The Baby Bonanza, Book 2)

Author:  Teresa Southwick

Imprint:  Special Edition

Issues:  Child Abandonment; Infidelity; Loss


Rust Creek Ramblings

I’m sure you’ve heard there is a new doctor in town. Sexy Jon Clifton looks more cowboy than paediatrician, he’s good with kids and dogs, and what we all want to know is: Why is this man still single?

Though there are plenty of ladies in Rust Creek Falls who would like to change the confirmed bachelor’s status, Dawn Laramie alone seems to be immune to his charms. The dedicated nurse works side by side with Dr. Jon day after day, intent on keeping things professional…and distant. Meanwhile, we here at the Gazette can practically hear the tension thrumming between these two. Our diagnosis? A classic case of lovesickness with an age-old cure! But will the doctor’s proposal heal Dawn’s wounded heart?

Dear Reader,

I’ve written before about my four brothers and how close my bond is with them.  We also had a sister and lost her to cancer a number of years ago.  I miss her very much and regret not being able to share with her all of life’s highs and lows the way only sisters can.

In Her Maverick M.D. sibling relationships play an important role in getting the hero and heroine together.  Paediatric nurse Dawn Laramie and her sister, Marina, shared a childhood that didn’t include their father because mostly he stood them up for Christmas, birthdays or even visitations.  The experience cemented their loyalty to each other – and also made it difficult for Dawn to trust a man with her heart.  But her sister is the one who encourages her to keep an open mind about a happy-ever-after.  Dr Jonathan Clifton is more geek than smooth-talking charmer.  He’s more into logic than complicated feelings, and reluctant to jeopardize the work environment with romance…until some sage advice from his brother tips the scales towards love.

The relationship between Dawn and Jon was so much fun to write, but I also found a wonderful connection to other characters in the book.  And for me it was lovely to put on the page the girlie bond of sisters that I missed out on with my own.

I hope you enjoy Dawn and Jon’s story as much as I did writing it.

Happy Reading!

Teresa Southwick


Rimmer, Christine, The Good Girl’s Second Chance

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Rimmer, Christine, The Good Girl’s Second Chance (The Bravos of Justice Creek, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2015).

Title:  The Good Girl’s Second Chance (The Bravos of Justice Creek, Book 2)

Author:  Christine Rimmer

Imprint:  Special Edition

Issues:  Divorce; Domestic Violence; Infidelity; Parenthood


The Littlest Matchmaker Of Them All…

Quinn Bravo is a committed single dad—emphasis on single. The millionaire bachelor is focused on his four-year-old daughter and his fitness business. So while he’s intrigued by his beautiful new interior decorator, Quinn resolves to keep the chemistry at a simmer. Until one night together causes their attraction to burst into flame…

After her ex-husband betrayed her, local good girl Chloe Winchester returned to Justice Creek, determined not to risk her heart again. Still, maybe she can live out some teenage fantasies with sexy Quinn while redecorating his house. But first Chloe will have to avoid falling for one adorable little girl and the man of her dreams!

Dear Reader,

Chloe Winchester’s perfect marriage crashed and burned.  Now she’s back in her hometown of Justice Creek, Colorado, starting over and determined to get it right this time.

Single dad Quinn Bravo has no interest in chasing women.  He’s got an adorable four-year-old daughter to raise and a growing business to run.

Once upon a time, Chloe was the town golden girl.  Everyone knew she was destined for great things.  Back then, Quinn was an angry, troubled boy, the one everyone thought was “slow”, the one who was always getting in fights.  Chloe used to avoid him then – even if, secretly, he made her heart beat faster.  Quinn left town just after high school.

But now he’s back in justice Creek, too – and his house is just down the hill from hers.  Neither of them is looking for love or romance.  Chloe’s been burned too badly.  And Quinn just doesn’t have the time.

But it only takes one fine, forbidden night with Chloe to have Quinn thinking he’d better make time…

Happy reading, everyone,

Christine Rimmer

Reisz, Tiffany, Her Halloween Treat

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Reisz, Tiffany, Her Halloween Treat (Men at Work, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Her Halloween Treat (Men at Work, Book 1)

Author:  Tiffany Reisz

Imprint:  Blaze

Issues:  Infidelity;


Trick…or wicked treat!

It was a devastating dirty trick—Joey Silvia just found out her boyfriend of two years is married. What. A. Dick. Joey knows her best chance to get over one guy is to get under another. Of course, heading home to her family’s remote cabin in Oregon poses some challenges in the “available men” department…until she discovers this cabin comes with its own hot handyman!

Holy crap, Chris Steffensen. When did her brother’s best friend turn into a hard-bodied pile of blond-bearded hotness? He’s the perfect Halloween treat—and a surprisingly dirty rebound guy. For a couple of weeks, anyway. Except that Chris has other ideas…like proving to Joey that this blast from the past is a whole lot more than a naughty Halloween hookup.

Dear Reader,

There are few places in the world more beautiful in autumn than Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon.  I should know, because I live here.  Shortly after my husband and I moved out to the mountain (technically a volcano), I hired a handful of local contractors to do minor repairs on our new house.  They were annoyingly cute and very good at their jobs.  I joked to my husband that if I wrote some romance novels about these guys, maybe I could write our home repairs off on our taxes as a book research expense.

Sadly, my accountant didn’t go for that idea.  But I wrote the books anyway.  Her Halloween Treat is the first book in the Men at Work trilogy, inspired by the men and women in all our lives who paint our houses, build our decks, landscape our lawns and generally make our neighborhoods nicer places to live.  I hope you enjoy the story of Joey, on the rebound after a devastating breakup, and Chris, the sweet and sexy bearded contractor who puts all his handman skills to use fixing her broken heart.


With Love from My Secret Volcanic Lair on Mount Hood,

Tiffany Reisz

Justiss, Julia, Stolen Encounters with the Duchess

Justiss, Stolen Encounters with the Duchess.jpg

Justiss, Julia, Stolen Encounters with the Duchess (Hadley’s Hellions, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Stolen Encounters with the Duchess (Hadley’s Hellions, Book 2)

Author:  Julia Justiss

Imprint:  Historical

Issues:  Class Differences; Infidelity; Orphan


She would rather burn in his presence than pine in his absence

Faith Wellingford Evers, Duchess of Ashedon, is tired of society’s endless gossiping about her failings and her late husband’s infidelities. Seeking escape one night, she’s attacked by ruffians, but is saved by an unlikely figure from her past!

Having risen from penniless orphan to Member of Parliament, David Tanner Smith is no longer the quiet boy Faith once knew. With the first spine-tingling kiss, their old friendship is transformed. And in its place is an explosive mix of illicit encounters and forbidden desire…

Author Note,

For both readers and writers, sometimes secondary characters get stuck in our heads.  Intrigued by the  glimpses we’ve been given of them, we want to know their whole story.  Where did they come from and what will happen to them?

Such was the case with Davie in From Waif to Gentleman’s Wife.  An orphan taken in by an elderly widow, he comes involved in the lives of Sir Edward Greaves and Joanna Merrill, the penniless governess who ends up on Ned’s doorstep.  When Davie saves Joanna from danger, a grateful Ned takes him under his wing, impressed by the orphan’s courage, ingenuity and intelligence.

By the time I’d finished Waif I knew he would grow up to be a Parliamentary leader, instrumental in moving England towards a ore egalitarian future with the great Reform Bill.  I also knew that he would fall in love with Faith, the youngest Wellingford daughter – sister of Sarah, heroine of The Wedding Gamble – a girl far above his station.  But how could they find a happy ending?

In Stolen Encounters with the Duchess, Davie has become that leader, and is still in love with the girl he met when he was just beginning his career.  When they meet by chance ten years later he is an influential force, while Faith is a new widow, estranged from her family and Society.  Although painfully aware that she is still far beyond his touch, David vows to reawaken in her the joy, optimism and self-confidence years of being a scorned, neglected wife have crushed.  But love is a force that resists being contained…

I hope you will enjoy Faith and Davie’s story.

Jackson, Brenda, Bachelor Unforgiving


Jackson, Brenda, Bachelor Unforgiving,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Bachelor Unforgiving

Author:  Brenda Jackson

Imprint:  Kimani

Issues:  Infidelity; POC; Revenge; WOC


Passionate payback

They say living well is the best revenge. Virgil Bougard has other ideas. Four years ago Kara Goshay believed a vicious lie about him and ended their relationship. And even after her apology, Virgil is still bitter. He intends to get even with Kara when his family’s firm hires her PR company to revamp his playboy image. But faking a liaison with Kara for the media backfires when the line between fantasy and reality is blurred by strong sexual attraction.

Kara wanted forgiveness. Instead she’s deep into a heated affair with the powerful, charismatic man she can’t resist. The man who claims he’ll never forgive her, especially when a secret enemy puts her professional reputation in jeopardy. Stakes are high—but so is their searing desire, a connection so intense it could possibly tame this elusive bachelor at last… 

Dear Reader,

I’m so glad to bring another Bachelors in Demand novel to you.  We’ve already seen four bachelors happily married off, and now there are only two remaining.

I guess you can say that I saved the best two for last…

Bachelor Unforgiving’s hero is Virgil Bougard.  There is nothing worse than an affair that goes bad.  Especially when a trust factor is involved, it could make things even worse.  Kara Goshay finds out the hard way that when it comes to making a mistake, some men can be unforgiving…like Virgil.  However, Kara is convinced that love can hide a multitude of faults, and one should be forgiven for their mistakes.  The problem is trying to convince Virgil of that.

I hope all of you enjoy reading Virgil and Kara’s story.

Happy Reading!

Brenda Jackson

O’Keefe, Molly, The Temptation of Savannah O’Neill


O’Keefe, Molly, The Temptation of Savannah O’Neill (The Notorious O’Neills, Book 1), (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2010).

Title:  The Temptation of Savannah O’Neill (The Notorious O’Neills, Book 1)

Author:  Molly O’Keefe

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Child Abandonment; Estrangement; Guilt; Infidelity; Parenthood; Self Esteem


A family’s bad reputation is tough to shake off. Just ask Savannah O’Neill. Despite her straitlaced job as a librarian, despite her living a private life, the O’Neill family wildness still sparks town gossip. And the arrival of Matt Woods–sexy handyman and complete stranger–isn’t helping.

Watching him work makes Savannah long to take a trip into indulgence. That’s so not a good idea–she’s been there before and still hears the rumors. But Matt is much too delicious for this O’Neill to resist. It’s a shame there’s more to Matt than being good with his hands. Because when his true reasons for seeking her out are revealed, he could become another affair Savannah lives to regret.

Dear Reader,

I have wished, more times than I can count, that I was Southern.  Not just so I could have an heirloom pecan pie recipe, though that would be fantastic.  And not just so I could say “bless your heart” and have it mean the many nice and not so nice things it seems to mean when Southern women say it.  But so I could walk around in a slip like Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Rood and not catch pneumonia.

But I am not Southern.  I am from the Midwest and I moved to Canada.  But my Deep South fantasies are now being played out on the page in this very fun new series – The Notorious O’Neills – about a Louisiana family plagued by family secrets, stolen gems and broken hearts.

I am often asked what inspires me about a certain idea, and I usually say something lame, such as love is always inspiring.  But here is the truth:  I love the heroes.  I love torturing them, redeeming them; I love taking their shirts off.  Heroes are why I adore romance novels.  As I started Savannah’s book, I swore this book was going to be about her.  And how could it not?  A betrayed woman, locked up in a prison of her own making, she was a heroine I could sink my teeth into.  But then onto the page walked Matt Woods.  And I was totally intrigued by the question, what makes a good guy go bad?

I hope you enjoy the first book in this series.  Please drop me a line at  I love to heart from readers!

Happy reading,

Molly O’Keefe

Maguire, Meg, The Wedding Fling


Maguire, Meg, The Wedding Fling, (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2012).

Title:  The Wedding Fling

Author:  Meg Maguire

Imprint:  Blaze

Issues:  Celebrity Culture; Infidelity; Self Esteem


Celebrity Scandal! Inside the Runaway Bride’s Secret Rendezvous!

It’s been a busy week for actress Leigh Bailey. The stunning starlet reportedly ditched her cheating groom on her wedding day and ran off to enjoy a honeymoon-for-one at a secluded tropical island. But rumor has it that she’s not alone…

And we have the exclusive scoop on Leigh’s hush-hush hideout—right from the drop-dead delicious dude she’s been fooling around with!

Resort pilot Will Burgess was just going to give us the basics—enough to earn some much-needed cash. But we never anticipated our intrepid insider getting up close and very, very personal.

Kendrick, Sharon, Crowned for the Prince’s Heir


Kendrick, Sharon, Crowned for the Prince’s Heir (One Night with Consequences, Book 21),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).


Title:  Crowned for the Prince’s Heir (One Night with Consequences, Book 21)

Author:  Sharon Kendrick

Imprint:  Presents (Modern)

Issues:  Infidelity; Parenthood;


The secret she kept from the prince…

Dress designer Lisa Bailey reluctantly broke off her relationship with Luc, knowing an affair with the prince had no future. But one last stolen encounter left her quaking with passion, drenched in desire and unexpectedly pregnant!

Months later, Prince Luciano Leonides of Mardovia is on the brink of the perfect political marriage when a news article shows Lisa with an obvious bump! His baby. With Mardovian royal blood. Now he must claim his heir at any cost. She may be an unsuitable bride but she will become his queen!

Logan, Nikki, Mr Right at the Wrong Time


Logan, Nikki, Mr Right at the Wrong Time,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2012).

Title:  Mr Right at the Wrong Time

Author:  Nikki Logan

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues:  Divorce; Infidelity


‘Hi, I’m Sam, and I’ll be your rescuer today.’

With those words, Sam abseils into Aimee’s life…and changes everything. He stays with her throughout a long, terrifying night after her car crash – and, balanced perilously on a cliff, they form a bond that is compelling, all-powerful and…forbidden. For Sam is not free to give Aimee everything she deserves. What do you do when you find the one, but he belongs to someone else?

Hayward, Jennifer, The Divorce Party


Hayward, Jennifer, The Divorce Party (The Delicious De Campos, Book 1),  (Ontario:  Harlequin Enterprises Limited, 2013).

Title:  The Divorce Party (The Delicious De Campos, Book 1)

Author:  Jennifer Hayward

Imprint:  Modern (Presents)

Issues:  Anorexia; Body Image; Cancer; Divorce; Eating Disorder; Infidelity


“You threw your fifty-thousand-dollar engagement ring off the Brooklyn Bridge?” 

Lilly shows up to her lavish divorce party with one goal in mind—to leave as quickly as possible minus a husband! Except he has other plans…and Riccardo De Campo isn’t easy to say “no” to. 

Forced back into Riccardo’s glittering, gossip-fueled world, the price of perfection is still too high and Lilly’s old insecurities resurface. An unexpected consequence of their reunion raises the stakes even higher, and the media’s golden couple must finally confront the truth behind the headlines.

Dear Reader,

This story begins on a cold winter day with a cup of coffee, a newspaper and a real-life party that sparked a tale that just had to be told.

On the front page of my newspaper that morning was the story of a lavish divorce party a Manhattan billionaire was throwing to celebrate the end of his three-year marriage.  The embossed invitations, the incredibly civilised approach to the end of a union due to irreconcilable differences fascinated me.  What would bring a couple to this point?  Why would anyone want to end their marriage in front of family and friends?

I started to wonder-what if the billionaire didn’t really want a divorce?  What if what he really wanted was his wife back and this was the only way he could get her in the same room with him?  What if they were madly in love but the very act of being together destroyed them?  Could this marriage ever be saved?

My billionaire became sexy Italian wine magnate, Riccardo De Campo, and his feisty, on-the-run wife, Lilly.

I’ve dreamed of writing romances for as long as I can remember, but the story of Riccardo and Lilly’s tempestuous relationship was special.  It got me out of bed one night to write the first chapter when I was knee deep in another book and wouldn’t let me go until I’d written ‘the end’.

I entered Riccardo and Lilly’s story, The Divorce Party, in Harlequin’s 2012 So you Think You Can Write contest hoping others would love it as much as I did.  Never dreaming the De Campos would capture the imagination of so many people and win me the publishing contract I’ve always wanted.  Every minute of that journey was magical.

I’ve had a hard time letting Riccardo and Lilly go.  I hope you do too.