Watt, Jeannie, To Court a Cowgirl

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Watt, Jeannie, To Court a Cowgirl (The Brody of Lightning Creek, Book 3),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  To Court a Cowgirl (The Brody of Lightning Creek, Book 3)

Author:  Jeannie Watt

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Bereavement; Divorce; Grief; Heart Attack


Nothing can make her stay—not even Jason

Allie Brody decided long ago to leave the Lightning Creek Ranch in the past. She’s lost too much there to want to call it home again. And coming back to help while her sister’s away won’t change her mind, either. Even if Jason Hudson makes her temporary visit more…palatable. As long as she sticks to short-term with the former pro-football player, what’s the harm in their attraction?

It turns out everything is wrong with it. Helping each other only fogs Allie’s plans for a no-strings fling. Sure, Jason signed up to help Allie rebuild her broken ranch—but he’s determined to repair her heart, too. That’s not on her agenda.

Dear Reader,

When I wrote The Brodys of Lightning Creek miniseries, I saved the eldest sister’s story for last because, unlike her siblings, Allie Brody has no great love for the family ranch.  She lost her father on the Lightning Creek and her marriage imploded there.  She’d have been quite happy to never set foot on the property again, but, of course, she doesn’t get her wish.  I sent her home to make peace with the ranch and face her problems – one of which turns out to be her former high school nemesis, a recently retired professional football player who doesn’t put up with Allie’s prickly ways.

After retiring from professional sports, local football legend Jason Hudson quickly realizes that his athletic career has in no way prepared him for the next phase of his life.  Despite this obstacle, he knows what he wants to do and he’ll find a way to do it – just as soon as his difficult father convalesces from a heart attack and he’s free to leave the Eagle Valley.

Allie and Jason had me going in circles for a time.  They were two of the most stubborn characters I’ve ever created and it wasn’t easy making them realize that their carved-in-stone attitudes and plans were not the best attitudes and plans.  Now that I’m done, I love their story and their happily-ever-after, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

Best wishes,

Jeannie Watt


Rimmer, Christine, The Good Girl’s Second Chance

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Rimmer, Christine, The Good Girl’s Second Chance (The Bravos of Justice Creek, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2015).

Title:  The Good Girl’s Second Chance (The Bravos of Justice Creek, Book 2)

Author:  Christine Rimmer

Imprint:  Special Edition

Issues:  Divorce; Domestic Violence; Infidelity; Parenthood


The Littlest Matchmaker Of Them All…

Quinn Bravo is a committed single dad—emphasis on single. The millionaire bachelor is focused on his four-year-old daughter and his fitness business. So while he’s intrigued by his beautiful new interior decorator, Quinn resolves to keep the chemistry at a simmer. Until one night together causes their attraction to burst into flame…

After her ex-husband betrayed her, local good girl Chloe Winchester returned to Justice Creek, determined not to risk her heart again. Still, maybe she can live out some teenage fantasies with sexy Quinn while redecorating his house. But first Chloe will have to avoid falling for one adorable little girl and the man of her dreams!

Dear Reader,

Chloe Winchester’s perfect marriage crashed and burned.  Now she’s back in her hometown of Justice Creek, Colorado, starting over and determined to get it right this time.

Single dad Quinn Bravo has no interest in chasing women.  He’s got an adorable four-year-old daughter to raise and a growing business to run.

Once upon a time, Chloe was the town golden girl.  Everyone knew she was destined for great things.  Back then, Quinn was an angry, troubled boy, the one everyone thought was “slow”, the one who was always getting in fights.  Chloe used to avoid him then – even if, secretly, he made her heart beat faster.  Quinn left town just after high school.

But now he’s back in justice Creek, too – and his house is just down the hill from hers.  Neither of them is looking for love or romance.  Chloe’s been burned too badly.  And Quinn just doesn’t have the time.

But it only takes one fine, forbidden night with Chloe to have Quinn thinking he’d better make time…

Happy reading, everyone,

Christine Rimmer

Gold, Kristi, One Night with the Sheikh

Gold, One Night with the Sheikh.jpg

Gold, Kristi, One Night with the Sheikh (Arabian Heat, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  One Night with the Sheikh (Arabian Heat, Book 2)

Author:  Kristi Gold

Imprint:  Desire

Issues:  Bereavement; Class Differences; Divorce; Domestic Violence; Grief; Guilt; POC; WOC


“I Have Never Forgotten That Night.”

Once, he’d chosen duty over love. Now, to escape his guilt and grief, widower King Rafiq Mehdi searches out the comfort of his old flame Dr. Maysa Barad. Her passionate surrender makes him realize that Maysa is the woman he should have married. Instead, his marriage of convenience brought nothing but pain and heartbreak. Maysa—beautiful, devoted, compassionate—is now considered too independent to be a sheikh’s bride. Rafiq may be ready to defy his kingdom to have Maysa this time, but the truth about Maysa could turn Rafiq’s world upside down…

Dear Reader,

Each time I settle in front of my computer to begin a book, I always make lots of coffee, hide some kind of candy in my desk drawer and populate a music playlist with selections I believe best capture the mood of the story.  Of course, most of those songs are romantic ballads, a no-brainer when you write romance.  However, the tunes always vary in terms of genre – from country music to classical – because, simply put, I have extremely eclectic taste in music, as well as an affinity for all things chocolate.

I didn’t veer from my usual routine when I began One Night with the Sheikh.  After I’d decided where I wanted the story to go, I immediately went to work finding specific tunes that I felt would be inspirational.  I chose several songs by various performers, including Journey, Don Henley and New Age artist Constance Demby, by virtue of her hauntingly beautiful instrumentals.  But I have to admit, the two standouts on the list are “One of These Nights” by the Eagles and “Desert Rose” by Sting.  If you’re curious to know exactly what was filtering through my headphones during the love scenes, chances are it was one of these two songs.

When King Rafiq Mehdi and Dr. Maysa Barad are anywhere near each other, you can bet there will be a high level of chemistry, and they deserve background music to match.  After all, they’ve never forgotten that one incredible night they spent together years ago.  But sometimes one night just isn’t quite enough – even if it is forbidden.

Hope you enjoy the beautiful music Rafiq and Maysa make together!


David, Kay, Marriage to a Stranger


David, Kay, Marriage to a Stranger,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2002).

Title:  Marriage to a Stranger

Author:  Kay David

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Divorce; Gendered Expectations (Men); Gendered Expectations (Women); Stalking


“You’re going to have to act like his wife, whether you want to or not.”

After seven years, the marriage of Conley and Lara Harrison is over. Lara still cares for Conley, but he’s hurt her once too often. She wants nothing more than to get her divorce and move on. But that’s not going to be easy. Not once she learns there’s a stalker pursuing Conley.

Lara’s a bodyguard and, according to everyone from her father to Conley, the perfect agent for the job. After all, no one’s in a better position to protect a husband than his wife.

Dear Reader,

I married my husband when I was nineteen years old.  He was five years older than I.  He came from a small town in West Texas, and I grew up in a large metropolitan area.  He was an engineer, and I wrote.  He was intense, I wasn’t.  My parents were married, his were divorced.  I’m Anglo, he’s not.

When we walked down the aisle, money had to be changing hands.  The odds were probably a thousand to one on the marriage lasting.  We were too young and too different.  But very much in love.

Twenty-seven years later, we’re still together – and still much in love.  We’ve moved fourteen times, from one end of the world to the other (literally).  We’ve lost dreams and replaced them with new ones.  We’ve lost hope and found it again.  Like everyone else’s our marriage has had good times and bad.

And that’s why I wanted to write Marriage to a Stranger.  Sometimes, no matter how long you’ve been together, you wake up one morning and realize you don’t really know the person next to you.  Your partner’s changed.  Or most likely, you both have.

In this book, Conley Harrison knows he doesn’t want a divorce.  He hasn’t been the best mate in the world, but he has his reasons and believes they’re good ones.  He decides he’s not going to let Lara go, at least not before he tries to make things right one last time.

His success – or failure – depends not only on himself but on Lara, as well.  Is their love strong enough to survive?


Kay David

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DeNosky, Kathie, The Rancher’s One Week Wife


DeNosky, Kathie, The Rancher’s One-Week Wife,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Rancher’s One-Week Wife

Author:  Kathie DeNosky

Imprint:  Desire

Issues:  Divorce; Self Esteem


Blake Hartwell is a sexy-as-sin rodeo champion with money to burn and a way with the ladies, but to Karly Ewing he’s her soon-to-be ex! Their whirlwind affair ended with Vegas “I dos”—but saying yes was a mistake. So Karly heads to his ranch, divorce papers in hand, only to be stranded with the man she can’t resist! Will temptation lead them to happily-ever-after? Or will Blake’s secrets tear them apart for good?

Dear Reader,

A few years ago, I introduced you to Blake Hartwell, the best friend of the hero in my book In the Rancher’s Arms.  So many of you wrote to tell me how much you loved Blake and wanted to read his story that, this month, I’m happy to be bringing you his book.

When Blake ran into Karly Ewing in a Las Vegas hotel lobby, he bought her a drink to apologize for his carelessness.  By the end of the day, they were lovers.  By the end of the week, they were married.  And by the end of the next week, they were filing for divorce.

In The Rancher’s One-Week Wife we take a look at what happens when a couple who think they’re divorced find out they’re not only still married, but that they still can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.  Unfortunately, they both have secrets that could very well make finding their happily-ever-after impossible.

Sometimes rocky, sometimes filled with unexpected detours, the road to love is never easy.  But it’s always worth the journey.

All the best,

Kathie DeNosky

Hardy, Kate, Her Real Family Christmas


Hardy, Kate, Her Real Family Christmas, (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  Her Real Family Christmas

Author:  Kate Hardy

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Bereavement; Divorce; Foster Care; Grief; Parenthood


Dr Stephanie Scott’s smile can light up a room and she certainly catches the eye of single dad and obstetric surgeon Daniel Connor! But getting close to him and his little girl isn’t an option for recently divorced and heartbroken Stephanie. She’s long since felt she’ll never fit into a family.

But spending time with Daniel and his cute daughter Mia, opens Stephanie’s eyes to the possibility that her longed for wish — a family of her very own — might just come true this Christmas…

Dear Reader,

I rather like stories where the hero and heroine teach each other to trust again and/or love again.

My heroine doesn’t think she’ll ever fit into a family because she’s never had one – except in-laws who didn’t ever accept her for who she was.  This is where my hero and his daughter come in.  They need to learn to love again and open their hearts – which is what she does for them.

This idea actually started last ear, when I got my twice-yearly cold.  It always turns into a horrible croupy cough, nobody in the house gets any sleep for about a week, and I can’t nag about homework because I lose my voice (that bit is popular and almost makes up for the lack of sleep).  I was having a bit of a pity party on Facebook about it when one of my readers emailed me and suggested I got checked out for reactive airways.  I looked up the condition (which I don’t have, by the way – I’m just prone to croup), and thought it would be a great way for my hero and heroine to meet…  (A special thank you to Pat Amsden for the lightbulb moment).

I also love writing about Christmas.  The season’s one of my favourites, with its chance to spend some real quality time with my family.  (And I admit I love all the sparkling lights and the special ornaments on the tree.  And now my littlest is old enough she helps me find the perfect presents for her dad’s and brother’s stockings).  When my children were really small, one of our favourite Christmas traditions was taking them to see Santa.  So I couldn’t resist getting my hero and heroine to take his daughter to see Santa – and that of course, led to finding out what she really, really wanted for Christmas.

Oh, and there are the scallops.  My daughters and I discovered them while I was writing the book, played around with different ways of cooking them, and thought it should be this book’s recipe.  🙂  Enjoy!

I’m always delighted to hear from readers, so do come and visit me at www.katehardy.com.

With love

Kate Hardy

Warren, Linda, Texas Rebels: Phoenix


Warren, Linda, Texas Rebels:  Phoenix (Texas Rebels, Book 5),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Texas Rebels:  Phoenix (Texas Rebels, Book 5)

Author:  Linda Warren

Imprint:  Western Romance

Issues:  Divorce; Domestic Abuse; Domestic Violence; Parenthood;


The cowboy’s last ride… 

Once he gets over the shock of finding out he’s a father, Phoenix Rebel is ready to do right by his toddler son. The gorgeous barrel racer he runs into on the circuit could add a much-needed woman’s touch. There’s just one problem. She’s a McCray—a Rebel’s worst enemy.  

Rosemary could gaze into Phoenix’s warm brown eyes forever. And helping the sexy bull rider and his adorable two-year-old has ignited a fierce yearning in Rosie. Somehow she and Phoenix have to find a way to create their own family—even if it means leaving everyone else they love behind…

Dear Reader,

This is the fifth book in the Texas Rebels series.  If you’ve read any of the Rebel books, you know they’re about seven brothers dealing with life after their father’s death in the small town of Horseshoe, Texas.Phoenix is the youngest and their mother’s favourite.  He’s a carefree, fun-loving guy who doesn’t take anything too seriously.  Until he finds out he’s the father of a two-year-old boy.  Then he grows up quickly.  To complicate matters, he does the unthinkable:  falls in love with Rosemary (Rosie) McCray Wilcott, the daughter of the family’s archenemy.

Rosemary has had a difficult life.  Her father forced her to marry an abusive man.  After she divorces him, the McCray family disowns her.  She’s a loner and doesn’t allow anyone in until Phoenix breaks through her defences.  She wants to love Phoenix and his son, but there’s so much standing in their way.

This was an emotional story to write as Phoenix must fight for the woman he loves.  He goes against family and everything he was taught.  I had my doubts if there was going to be a happy ending for Phoenix and Rosie.  But love has a way of working miracles.  I love a story about a man who’s willing to risk it all for the woman he loves and I hope you will too.

Until the next Rebel book, with love and thanks,


You can email me at Lw1508@aol.com; send me a message of Facebook.com/lindawarrenauthor or on Twitter, @texauthor; write me at PO Box 5182, Bryan, TX 77805; or visit m website at lindawarren.net.  You mail and thoughts are deeply appreciated.

Richards, Penny, Wolf Creek Wife


Richards, Penny, Wolf Creek Wife (Wolf Creek, Book 5),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Wolf Creek Wife (Wolf Creek, Book 5)

Author:  Penny Richards

Imprint:  Love Inspired Historical

Issues:  Alcohol; Addiction; Divorce; Gendered Expectations (Women)


A Marriage of Inconvenience!  

After a storm strands her overnight in Will Slade’s cabin, Blythe Granville’s reputation is in shambles. The townspeople doubt that she was innocently nursing him back to health after saving his life. Now Blythe must accept Will’s proposal: a marriage in name only to save her good name. But the former socialite is determined not to fall for her new husband…even if she’s drawn to the gruff stranger who’s vowed to stand by her, in sickness and in health.

Will never wanted to remarry after his ex-wife betrayed him. But now he finds himself hitched to a city girl who has no idea how to keep a house…but is somehow chiseling her way into his heart. As Blythe melts Will’s crusty facade, though, they’re discovering that this most unexpected union might just lead to true love.

McCoy, Shirley, Secrets and Lies


McCoy, Shirlee, Secrets and Lies (Rookie K-9 Unit, Book 5),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Secrets and Lies (Rookie K-9 Unit, Book 5)

Author:  Shirlee McCoy

Imprint:  Love Inspired Suspense

Issues:  Divorce; Parenthood; Stalking


Expecting—and in danger…

Attacked in her classroom, widowed teacher Ariel Martin’s only thought is for her unborn child. When her student’s brother, rookie K-9 officer Tristan McKeller, and his faithful dog save her life, she can’t thank him enough. She knows Tristan won’t rest until she’s safe, but she doesn’t want him or his police colleagues digging into her dangerous past. After all, the only person who would want to hurt her is dead…or is he? With her and her child’s life on the line, she’ll have to trust Tristan with her secrets if she wants to finally get the fresh start she’s been desperately seeking.

Child, Maureen, The Baby Inheritance


Child, Maureen, The Baby Inheritance (Billionaires and Babies, Book 71),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Baby Inheritance (Billionaires and Babies, Book 71)

Author:  Maureen Child

Imprint:  Desire

Issues:  Bereavement; Divorce; Grief; Parenthood;


Divorce attorney to the stars Reed Hudson knows there’s no such thing as happily-ever-after. But the red-headed stunner who walks into his office with an infant in her arms will put him to the test. 

Lilah Strong just brought a baby girl to a man who splits up families for a living. Now he wants Lilah to stay on as temporary nanny to his niece. Reed Hudson’s plush hotel suite is a world away from Lilah’s rustic mountain home. Will their undeniable attraction end in heartbreak…or forever?

Dear Reader,

I love writing Billionaires and Babies books.  It’s always so much fun to hand a baby off to a man who has absolutely no clue what to do with it and then stand back and watch the show.

In The Baby Inheritance you’ll meet Reed Hudson, a man who has avoided love and commitment like the plague.  His own parents have been married multiple tomes, so he’s seen the misery of marriage up close and personal-and he has no intention of ever getting caught in that tender trap.

Lilah Strong is a woman who loves family.  So when her best friend Spring dies, Lilah cares for the woman’s infant daughter.  Until she discovers that Spring has left her daughter’s care to her brother, Reed Hudson.

Lilah and Reed clash instantly, but beneath all of the bluster is plenty of heat.

I really hope you love this book as much as I do!  Please visit me on Facebook and let me know what you think!

Until next time, happy reading!

Maureen Child