Schield, Cat, The Black Sheep’s Secret Child

Schield, The Black Sheep's Secret Child.jpg

Schield, Cat, The Black Sheep’s Secret Child (Billionaires and Babies, Book 74),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Black Sheep’s Secret Child (Billionaires and Babies, Book 74)

Author:  Cat Schield

Imprint:  Desire

Issues:  Parenthood;


A second chance with her son’s secret father!

Widow Savannah Caldwell faces the challenge of her life: begging Trent Caldwell—her former fling and late husband’s brother—to save the family’s ailing music business. That she’s still attracted to Trent makes things hard; that Trent is her son’s secret father makes things impossible!

Trent is fiercely proud of making his own fortune, despite his controlling father. And he’s always believed his brother got the girl who should have been Trent’s. Now he’ll have the family business, and his brother’s widow in the bargain. But will their romantic reunion be waylaid by Savannah’s shocking baby secret?

Dear Reader,

I’m delighted to be back in Las Vegas for The Black Sheep’s Secret Child, and it was nice to revisit some characters from my original Las Vegas Nights series to see what they’re up to.  I’d like to thank my senior editor, Stacy Boyd, for suggesting a series set in the fascinating world of Vegas nightclubs.  The first book in the Club T’s Las Vegas Nights series, which is also a Billionaires and Babies novel, is both a reunion and a secret baby story.  I hope you enjoy Savannah and Trent’s second chance at love.

Happy reading,

Cat Schield


Sasson, Sophia, The Senator’s Daughter

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Sasson, Sophia, The Senator’s Daughter (State of the Union, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Senator’s Daughter (State of the Union, Book 1)

Author:  Sophia Sasson

Imprint:  Heartwarming

Issues:  Interracial Relationship; Parenthood; POC


He can play the game, but she’ll make the rules

Political science professor Kat Driscoll will not be “handled” by anyone. Certainly not by Alex Santiago, the suave, savvy and handsome campaign manager for Senator Roberts, the man recently revealed to be her father. Alex clearly sees the sudden revelation of his candidate’s long-lost daughter as an unfortunate glitch in their race for reelection. One that needs to be carefully spun and managed. But Kat isn’t about to play along, or comply with Alex’s ridiculous attempts to make her more media friendly. He’ll have to deal with the real Kat. And maybe, in the process, she can discover the real Alex…

Dear Reader,

As a resident of the Washington, DC, area, I am constantly fascinated by the family lives of elected officials and those around them.  I see Capitol Hill staffers work themselves to the bone, sacrificing friendships and love because they believe in their leader.  While TV shows sensationalize political deal-making, the staffers who advise our elected officials are no different from you and me.  They make tough calls, and sometimes they make mistakes.  For the most part, they’re trying to do the right thing.

The Senator’s Daughter is the story of Katerina Driscoll, who has lived her life in the shadow of her obligations until her father’s identity brings her into the political limelight.  It’s also the story of Alex Santiago, a first-generation American for whom politics is about power; the power to change lives and to change how the world sees people like him and his mother.  The book is about confronting the inner demons that keep us from being happy, set in the midst of Washington, DC, politics.

I am tickled to share my hometown with you.  To get free book extras, including some Washington, DC, insider information, visit my website at  I love hearing from readers, so please find me on Twitter (@SophiaSasson) or Facebook (SophieSassonAuthor), or email me at



Riker, Leigh, The Reluctant Rancher

Riker, The Reluctant Rancher.jpg

Riker, Leigh, The Reluctant Rancher,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Reluctant Rancher

Author:  Leigh Riker

Imprint:  Heartwarming

Issues:  Parenthood


She can’t stay for long

She just needs a place to hide. Now. Pregnant and on the run, Blossom Kennedy jumps at the opportunity to work as a caregiver to an injured, elderly rancher. While she tends to the man, his handsome grandson takes over at the Circle H. Logan Hunter is tough, loyal and a wonderful father to his young son. But Blossom needs a port in a storm more than she needs love, and soon enough she’ll be moving on. Unless she’s somehow stumbled into the exact place she and her unborn child are supposed to be…by Logan’s side.

Dear Reader,

How much fun can a writer have?  I loved fitting all the pieces together for The Reluctant Rancher.  As a bonus, I got to write about cowboys – always a favorite!

In his “real life,” Logan Hunter is a test pilot who needs an upcoming promotion with higher pay so he can fight for custody of his younger son.  But when the grandfather who raised Logan gets hurt on the family ranch, Logan becomes a temporary cowboy again.

He’s not looking for love.  And Blossom Kennedy, the caregiver he hires to help out, is clearly on the run.  She won’t stay long and neither will he.  But, of course, love has its own plans for these two.

I hope you’ll enjoy this ride on the Circle H ranch, where the buffalo still roam.  And there’s more good news:  The Reluctant Rancher is the first book in my new miniseries, Kansas Cowboys.

Happy reading!


Reisz, Tiffany, Her Naughty Holiday

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Reisz, Tiffany, Her Naughty Holiday (Men at Work, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Her Naughty Holiday (Men at Work, Book 2)

Author:  Tiffany Reisz

Imprint:  Blaze

Issues:  Parenthood; Self Esteem


A feast she wasn’t expecting!

Clover Greene would sooner crawl into her oven than host family for Thanksgiving dinner. Yet another annual ritual of too much food, served with a side of criticism over “Clover’s Bad Life Choices.” This year, she needs to distract them all—with a handsome fake boyfriend. And she has the perfect guy in mind.

Contractor Erick Fields is the poster boy for sexy single dads, and Clover has been secretly crushing on him for ages. She certainly wasn’t expecting Erick to agree to her insane charade…or to add lots of hot, wicked sex to the deal. If they can pull it off, the worst Thanksgiving ever might give them something to be really thankful for!

Dear Reader,

When my husband and I moved out to Oregon, one of our first trips was up Mount Hood to check out the famous Timberline Lodge (as seen in The Shining), to Mount Hood National Forest and Lost Lake, which is the most photographed spot in the entire state.  Upon arriving at Lost Lake on a fine October afternoon, we realized why.  The view of the top of Mount Hood is glorious, and on a clear day you can see the snow-capped volcanic peak reflected in the deep dark blue waters of the lake.  I’d never seen anything like it before.  It was utterly romantic.  And when a romance writer sees a place that beautiful and that romantic, she has to write a book about it.  In fact, I wrote three books about it, and this is number two in the Men at Work trilogy of books set in and around Lost Lake and Mount Hood.

I hope you enjoy Her Naughty Holiday, featuring Clover Greene, who owns and operates a highly successful garden nursery, and Erick Fields, the father of Clover’s teenaged assistant, Ruthie, who is determined to get her nagging family off her back about her personal life this Thanksgiving.  Meanwhile Ruthie wants a cool stepmother and has decided Clover’s the woman for her.  But is Clover the right woman for Erick?  We’ll see…

Happy Reading!

Tiffany Reisz

Unofficial Ambassador to Mount Hood, Oregon

Reed, Terri, Identity Unknown


Reed, Terri, Identity Unknown (Northern Border Patrol, Book 5),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Identity Unknown (Northern Border Patrol, Book 5)

Author:  Terri Reed

Imprint:  Love Inspired Suspense

Issues:  Amnesia; Violence


Missing Memories

When a John Doe washes up on the shores of Calico Bay, no one knows who he is—including him. But one thing’s instantly clear to deputy sheriff Audrey Martin: the man’s marked for murder. And she’s the only one who can protect him from the assassins who lurk at every turn. The arrival of a team of men claiming he’s Canadian Border Services officer Nathanial Longhorn only further complicates the matter. As his memories slowly start drifting back, Nathanial’s determined to work with Audrey to uncover who wants him dead and why. But he’s tangled in something that threatens to submerge them both. And unless Audrey can help him figure out what, this Christmas might be their last.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for joining me in the last installment of the Northern Border Patrol series.  It was time to give Canadian officer Nathanial Longhorn his own book, and pairing him with strong and independent Deputy Sheriff Audrey Martin seemed like the perfect match.

Giving Nathanial amnesia was such fun.  It was a delight to have him learning about himself as he fell in love with Audrey.  They both had painful issues from their past to overcome in order to have their happy ending.  Audrey’s mother shared a piece of wisdom with Nathanial – our greatest blessings lie beyond our greatest fears.  Do you believe that?

I do.  Sometimes in life we have to move past our fear in order to find the blessing.  I pray you will find your blessing this holiday season.

Keep watch for a new K-9 continuity series in 2017.  Check out my webpage at and sign up for my newsletter for updates on my new releases.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Blessings, Terri Reed

Minton, Brenda, The Rancher’s Texas Match

Minton, The Rancher's Texas Match.jpg

Minton, Brenda, The Rancher’s Texas Match,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Rancher’s Texas Match

Author:  Brenda Minton

Imprint:  Love Inspired

Issues:  Abandonment; Bereavement; Grief; Parenthood


A Rancher’s Mission

As a volunteer at the Lone Star Cowboy League Boys Ranch, Tanner Barstow helps the troubled young residents turn their lives around. When a local rancher dies and leaves his large property to the boys ranch, Tanner finds himself spending a lot of time with Macy Swanson, whose orphaned nephew, Colby, lives at the ranch. Tanner’s attracted to the newcomer, but she doesn’t fit his plans. Macy longs to have Colby come home with her, but the former city girl worries she won’t be the mother he deserves. Can Tanner help her see that the future she and Colby need is right here—with him?

Dear Reader,

I’m so glad to have another opportunity to participate in a continuity.  Lone Star Cowboy League:  Boys Ranch takes you to Haven, Texas, deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country.

The characters in this book quickly became special to me.  There were moments that their journey took me by surprise.  I hope that you’ll love Macy, Tanner and Colby as much as I do and that the lessons they learn about grief, faith and finding peace will touch your heart and life.

I know from experience that there are so many children in placements like the LSCL Boys Ranch.  They’re waiting to go home, waiting to find homes and trying to find peace.  If this book touches your heart, then allow your life to touch the lives of those children in the foster care system.

Brenda Minton

McKellen, Christy, A Countess for Christmas

McKellen, A Countess for Christmas.jpg

McKellen, Christy, A Countess for Christmas (Maid Under the Mistletoe, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  A Countess for Christmas (Maid Under the Mistletoe, Book 1)

Author:  Christy McKellen

Imprint:  Romance (Cherish)

Issues:  Celebrity Culture; Scandal


The earl’s secret bride… 

Emma Carmichael is shocked when she sees who she’s waitressing for at a lavish party—Jack Westwood, the new Earl of Redminster. Her new life comes crashing down when Jack announces to the world that they’re married! 

Jack has never forgotten his first love despite the tragedy that tore them apart. When the paparazzi cameras intrude, he proposes they live as man and wife until the fuss dies down. Emma feels like Cinderella, masquerading as his countess…only, behind closed doors, their marriage feels tantalizingly real…

Dear Reader,

I count myself very lucky to have the friends that I do.  They’ve been absolute rocks through the tricky times in my life and have always been there for me with a sturdy shoulder to cry on should I need it.  I can’t imagine how I would feel to find out that those friends, whom I believed had my best interests at heart, had turned their backs on me the moment things got sticky.

Unfortunately for my heroine, Emma Carmichael, that’s exactly what happened to her after a scandal involving her late father ruined her family’s reputation and social standing.

In A Countess for Christmas, we meet Emma six years after this tragedy has played out, still living under the shadow of her father’s mistakes – until the shock reappearance of an old flame, Jack Westwood, throws her right back into the world she used to know, forcing her to confront the past.

With the support of the good and true friends she’s made in recent years, Emma finally begins to see hope for a new and exciting future – if only she can regain the love and trust of the man whose heart she once smashed to pieces.

I hope you enjoy Emma and Jack’s journey back to each other and the subsequent stories of her friends as they find their way to their own much-deserved happy-ever-afters.

With best wishes,

Christy x

Kirst, Karen, The Sheriff’s Christmas Twins

Kirst, The Sheriff's Christmas Twins.jpg

Kirst, Karen, The Sheriff’s Christmas Twins (Smoky Mountain Matches, Book 9),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Sheriff’s Christmas Twins (Smoky Mountain Matches, Book 9)

Author:  Karen Kirst

Imprint:  Love Inspired Historical

Issues:  Child Abandonment; Orphan; Parenthood


Holiday Baby Blessings 

Convinced that Allison Ashworth deserves better, Sheriff Shane Timmons has always tried to remain aloof around his childhood companion. But with Allison in Gatlinburg for the holidays, insisting on caring for two motherless babies, Shane feels obliged to help her. How can he keep his distance when she and the children are quickly becoming the family he never dared to wish for?

As a girl, Allison was drawn to the wary yet handsome Shane, who never seemed to look her way. But in spending time with him and two sweet babies, she might yet find a chink in the confirmed bachelor’s armor. Every shared moment gives Allison hope that this Christmas, her dreams of motherhood—and a life with Shane—may finally be coming true.

Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoyed Shane’s story.  As the good sheriff has appeared in nearly all of my Smoky Mountain Matches books, doubts regarding God’s love.  While it’s easy for Shane to believe in a divine Creator, he struggles to accept that God could truly care about him.  His spiritual journey was a challenge to portray, and I pray I succeeded in meshing it seamlessly with his flourishing relationship with Allison.

For information about my other books, please visit my website  You can find me on Facebook and on Twitter @KarenKirst.  If you’d like to email me, my address is  I’d love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas,

Karen Kirst

Jackson, Brenda, The Rancher Returns

Jackson, The Rancher Returns.jpg

Jackson, Brenda, The Rancher Returns (The Westmoreland Legacy, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Rancher Returns (The Westmoreland Legacy, Book 1)

Author:  Brenda Jackson

Imprint:  Desire

Issues:  POC; WOC


Returning from active duty to find his ranch being dug up by a beautiful stranger isn’t the homecoming navy SEAL Gavin Blake expected. Layla Harris is convinced there’s buried treasure on his land. But the only treasure this wealthy rancher wants to uncover is the professor’s secret desires! When Layla unearths family secrets—and mysterious threats—he vows to do whatever it takes to protect her. Even as her revelations change everything…

Dear Reader,

It’s hard to believe that I introduced the Westmorelands almost fifteen years ago.  At the time, little did I know you would welcome them into your home and heart the same way I had allowed them into mind.  Originally, the Westmoreland family’s series was intended to be just six books, but more than thirty books later the saga continues.

I am proud to present the first book in a spin-off series about the friends and family of the Westmorelands – The Westmoreland Legacy series.  First on centre stage is Gavin Blake.  Gavin, code name Viper, is a Navy SEAL and a good friend to Bane Westmoreland.  You met Viper in Bane.

While writing Bane’s story, Viper stood out, and I knew I had to tell his story.  I believe I selected the perfect heroine for Viper.  She’s a woman by the name of Layla Harris.  Both Viper and Layla discover that when it comes to true love, anything is possible.

I hope you enjoy reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Happy reading!

Brenda Jackson

Ireland, Kelli, The Immortal’s Hunger

Ireland, The Immortal's Hunger.jpg

Ireland, Kelli, The Immortal’s Hunger,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Immortal’s Hunger

Author:  Kelli Ireland

Imprint:  Nocturne

Issues:  Sacrifice


When you play with fire…

It was only a matter of time before Gareth Brennan had to die. Before he made that ultimate sacrifice, the assassin wanted to know warmth once again. His recent experiences had destroyed his ability to create fire, yet sexy bartender Ashley Clement was now igniting one within him.

As a Phoenix, Ashley had limited time herself; soon a male Phoenix would claim her. Unless she could find a lover. Gareth was the perfect man for the job. Except he was no human, and their union might draw even more danger. But to deny their fiery attraction…that was a truly impossible task.

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to the myth and magic of Ireland!  The first book in the series introduced you to the five men, all Druids, who make up the Assassin’s Arcanum.  This second book introduces the man who’s second in command, or Regent:  Gareth Brennan.  Darkness has weighed him down for too long, but the personal sacrifice it will take to shed that weight may be too high a cost.  Only time, and the power of love, will tell.

I was fortunate to spend several weeks in Ireland not long ago.  The country is as charming as it is indescribably beautiful.  And I can tell you without batting an eye that the country is as green as it’s reputed to be.  And the people?  They’re warm, friendly and have a quick wit about them.  I made friends there that I still miss (waves at Mary and Tommy!)

Every time I delve into an Arcanum member’s story, I’m transported back to this land.  Ireland wove her own magic around me.  It seemed anything…everything was possible while I was there.  I’ve cherished each discovery I made in Ireland, both personal and professional.  But that particular feeling of being able to do anything I set my mind to?  I’ve held it closest of all.

May that sense of wonder and the urge to believe in the impossible find you somewhere within the pages of Gareth’s story.

Until next time,