McKellen, Christy, A Countess for Christmas

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McKellen, Christy, A Countess for Christmas (Maid Under the Mistletoe, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  A Countess for Christmas (Maid Under the Mistletoe, Book 1)

Author:  Christy McKellen

Imprint:  Romance (Cherish)

Issues:  Celebrity Culture; Scandal


The earl’s secret bride… 

Emma Carmichael is shocked when she sees who she’s waitressing for at a lavish party—Jack Westwood, the new Earl of Redminster. Her new life comes crashing down when Jack announces to the world that they’re married! 

Jack has never forgotten his first love despite the tragedy that tore them apart. When the paparazzi cameras intrude, he proposes they live as man and wife until the fuss dies down. Emma feels like Cinderella, masquerading as his countess…only, behind closed doors, their marriage feels tantalizingly real…

Dear Reader,

I count myself very lucky to have the friends that I do.  They’ve been absolute rocks through the tricky times in my life and have always been there for me with a sturdy shoulder to cry on should I need it.  I can’t imagine how I would feel to find out that those friends, whom I believed had my best interests at heart, had turned their backs on me the moment things got sticky.

Unfortunately for my heroine, Emma Carmichael, that’s exactly what happened to her after a scandal involving her late father ruined her family’s reputation and social standing.

In A Countess for Christmas, we meet Emma six years after this tragedy has played out, still living under the shadow of her father’s mistakes – until the shock reappearance of an old flame, Jack Westwood, throws her right back into the world she used to know, forcing her to confront the past.

With the support of the good and true friends she’s made in recent years, Emma finally begins to see hope for a new and exciting future – if only she can regain the love and trust of the man whose heart she once smashed to pieces.

I hope you enjoy Emma and Jack’s journey back to each other and the subsequent stories of her friends as they find their way to their own much-deserved happy-ever-afters.

With best wishes,

Christy x


McKellen, Christy, Holiday with a Stranger


McKellen, Christy, Holiday with a Stranger,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2014).

Title:  Holiday with a Stranger

Author:  Christy McKellen

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues:  Exhaustion; Panic Attacks; Self Esteem


“Who are you?”

After three months of travelling, all Connor Preston wants to do is sink into his own bed. The last thing he expects is to find a stark-naked woman already there….

Josie Marchpane wasn’t anticipating company either. Connor may be six feet four inches of pure muscle and boast a disturbingly sexy smile, but a fortnight in the South of France is the one thing standing between Josie and her sanity—and she’s not about to give it up without a fight!

Because Josie plays to win. The problem? Connor does, too. And with only one bed between them, things are about to get interesting…

Dear Reader,

Ah, the South of France-home of the most delicious sun-ripened tomatoes, Mediterranean storms and the sultry air of pleasure and possibility.  The ideal setting for a workaholic with a chip on her shoulder to lose her inhibitions and finally start to live.

As characters on a page Connor and Josie have been on a long journey together.  They’ve been shacked up in the electronic ether for a few years now, but they just wouldn’t let me into their secret world until I picked them up again a year or so ago and they finally started talking to me.  Suddenly I got them-and about time too!

I love these too together.  They’re both headstrong and determined but with a soft centre, both crying out for kindness and patience and a deeper understanding of what they intrinsically need.  They’ve been running from their pasts and the weight of expectations for so long they’ve lost their way.  Until they’re forced to share a house, sit still for once and talk.

I hope you enjoy travelling with them on their journey to emotional freedom and love as much as I did.

With best wishes

Christy x

McKellen, Christy, Fired by Her Fling


McKellen, Christy, Fired by Her Fling,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2014).

Title:  Fired by Her Fling

Author:  Christy McKellen

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues:  Divorce; Self Esteem


“You’re fired.” 

Not what radio DJ Tallulah Lazenby expects to hear from the sex god she was in bed with just hours earlier! Who turns out to be her new boss. Total. Nightmare. 

Executive Tristan Bamfield’s reasons for being in London are strictly professional…until he manages to sleep with the woman he was supposed to be firing! And when Tristan has to take charge and get Lula back on air, what was supposed to be one night becomes weeks of tantalizing torture! Because back in the studio those red-hot memories are making Lula a major distraction…and “business as usual” is much easier said than done…

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the wonderful world of radio.  I had a lot of fun writing about my introverted DJ and her battle to keep her job-and her self-control-after she locks horns, lips and more with a hot-as-sin guy who unfortunately turns out to be her new boss!

As an introvert myself, I’m fascinated by the differences between how I function compared with how an extrovert might get through her day.  For a long time I thought my natural instinct to hang back in a new situation and my need to take regular breaks at social occasions was a character flaw, but after researching the subject of introversion I was mightily relieved to fin that I wasn’t alone in my quirks.

My heroine, Lula, has been struggling with her quirks for many years, worrying the whole time that her sometimes debilitating shyness outside of work has made her unlovable.  It takes a hero as compassionate and patient as Tristan to help her recognise her strengths and make her realise that her idiosyncrasies are actually what make her so special.

I hope you enjoy reading their story as much as I loved writing it.

All the best

Christy x

McKellen, Christy, Bridesmaid with Attitude


McKellen, Christy, Bridesmaid with Attitude,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2014).

Title:  Bridesmaid with Attitude

Author:  Christy McKellen

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues:  Depression; Suicide


What’s a bridesmaid to do?

Head bridesmaid Emily Applegate is furious when Lord Berkeley cancels her best friend’s wedding venue. But gorgeous Theo is adamant that the wedding won’t happen at his estate… unless Emily makes a trade. But is Emily willing to play the Earl’s fake fiancée? Especially when there’s absolutely nothing fake about the sizzle between them…!

Dear Reader,

This is the second part of the first duet I’ve ever written-and I had so much fun with it!  After she made a rather striking appearance in Fired by Her Fling, as Lula’s best friend, I was desperate to give Emily her own happy-ever-after, and in Bridesmaid with Attitude I got my chance.

Emily is the epitome of an anti-heroine:  she’s bolshie, a little on the self-centred side, and very determined to get what she wants-no matter what it takes to get it.  And I love her.  She’s had a very tough upbringing, but she hasn’t let it beat her down, and even though it’s made it hard for her to let people get emotionally close she lives her life to the max.

In order to force her out of her self-protective bubble she needs a hero with a determination to equal her own-and in Theo she finally meets her match.

These two challenge each other in ways they’ve never experienced before, and through dogged persistence-and some truly testing events-together they finally manage to overcome their worst fears and emerge on the other side as stronger, more confident and much happier people.

I hope you enjoy their journey as much as I did.

With best wishes

Christy x