Yates, Maisey, The Spaniard’s Pregnant Bride

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Yates, Maisey, The Spaniard’s Pregnant Bride (Heirs Before Vows, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Spaniard’s Pregnant Bride (Heirs Before Vows, Book 1)

Author:  Maisey Yates

Imprint:  Presents (Modern)

Issues:  Bereavement; Child Abuse; Grief; Guilt; Parenthood; Physical Scarring


“You’ll be mine. You’ll be my wife.”

With her identity concealed, Allegra Valenti enters Italy’s most glorious masquerade ball determined to make happy memories to sustain her through her impending coldly arranged betrothal. But a passionate encounter with a masked stranger has consequences that tear apart her dutiful life.

Brooding Spanish duke Cristian Acosta cannot believe the masked siren he let his guard down for was his best friend’s sister—the pampered heiress he grew up despising. To safeguard the Acosta legacy, Cristian must adorn Allegra with a trinket of his own—a gold wedding band!


Temple, Lara, The Reluctant Viscount

Temple, The Reluctant Viscount.jpg

Temple, Lara, The Reluctant Viscount,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Reluctant Viscount

Author:  Lara Temple

Imprint:  Historical

Issues:  Child Abuse; Self Esteem


The rake’s return

A decade ago, wallflower Alyssa Drake’s heart broke when Adam Alistair was banished from Mowbray. Now, he’s back–wealthy, titled and more cynical than before! And Alyssa’s determined not to fall under this notorious rake’s spell ever again…

Reluctant viscount Adam knows only betrayal. But Alyssa proves herself an unexpected ally when he finds his life endangered, and they are forced into a sham engagement. Their betrothal may be fake, but there’s no denying the very real passion that explodes between them!

Author Note,

I wanted to write a story about betrayal.  Not just the cost of romantic betrayal, but the long-lasting emotional impact of the betrayal children experience at the hands of selfish, self-serving or abusive parents.  How each subsequent betrayal in life just deepens the wound, driving us to thicken our armor, heighten our battlements, deepen our moats.

Our parents are our first models for learning about trust, self-esteem and unconditional love.  If those models are faulty we can still learn from other sources – siblings, other family members, friends and, later in life, lovers – but there will always be scar tissue:  a fundamental fault line of wariness and mistrust that any new relationship has to overcome.  Trust will have to be earned, built, tested, and only then accepted.  But couples who manage to overcome those barriers can often reach much richer emotional levels of intimacy than couples who come to love without question or challenge.

The Reluctant Viscount is just such a story about betrayal and redemption – how two scarred and wary individuals make a difficulty and uneasy voyage to overcome the impact of early betrayals, risking their hard-earned emotional safety in order to experience trust and love.

Quinn, Tara Taylor, Her Secret, His Child


Quinn, Tara Taylor, Her Secret, His Child,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 1999).

Title:  Her Secret, His Child

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Child Abuse; Parenthood; Prostitution


Mother and Daughter

Jamie Archer loves her four-year-old daughter, Ashley, more than anything in this world. But Jamie has a past she’s ashamed of, a past she needs to keep hidden. So she’s created an entirely new life for herself and Ashley a life that’s threatened when Kyle Radcliff reappears.

Father and Child

Kyle doesn’t immediately realize who she is, but Jamie recognizes him right away. He’s Ashley’s father. Even though he doesn’t know it.

A Family Now?

For Ashley’s sake, for all their sakes, Jamie has to tell him the truth something that seems to become harder every day. Because she’s falling in love with him. For the second time .

Dear Reader,

Almost everyone is biologically equipped to reproduce.

But as miraculous as birth is, the true miracle comes not in the giving of life but in the nurturing of it.  No job or other endeavor will ever be more important than the raising up of innocent lives.  To have a child completely dependent on you for food and clothing, for safety, for emotional health, for guidance, is an immense responsibility.

I’ve often thought you can judge people not by how they look or dress, the position they might hold in society, not by education, financial status or geographical location but by how effective they are as parents.  Unfortunately, good people are sometimes driven by life, by circumstances, by tragedy, to make bad decisions.  Yet it seems to me that a bad decision doesn’t necessarily make a bad person.

Sometimes, though, a person can be imprisoned by such a decision because our society tends to look only at the surface…tends not to looks beyond mistakes and their consequences.

Certainly, accountability is crucial, cost is just, but one of the great beauties of life is the opportunity for second chances.  I cling to that promise.

Her Secret, His Child was with me long before I wrote my first book.

I’m glad to finally have the opportunity to bring you this novel and hope you will join me in celebrating the incredible strength of the human spirit as you share Jamie’s story.

Tara Taylor Quinn

PS.  I’m always delighted to hear from my readers. You can reach me at P.O. Box 15065, Scottsdale, Arizona 852675065 or online at http://www.inticad.com/~ttquinn.

James, Sophia, The Dissolute Duke


James, Sophia, The Dissolute Duke (Wellinghams, Book 4),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  The Dissolute Duke (Wellinghams, Book 4)

Author:  Sophia James

Imprint:  Historical

Issues:  Child Abuse; Gendered Expectations (Women)


The rumor is up and the banns are read….

The Dissolute Duke has finally wed! With a name synonymous with sin and debauchery so shocking it is spoken of only in whispers, Taylen Ellesmere, Duke of Alderworth, is more surprised than anyone when he finds himself forced to marry! Before the ink is dry on the register, he turns his back on this sham of a marriage and leaves.

Three years later, having barely survived the scandal, Lady Lucinda has placed one delicately shod foot back in the hallowed halls of the ton when her husband returns. He has an offer she can’t refuse. And in exchange? Their wedding night!

Author Note,

So many people have written to me and asked if I was going to write the story of Lucinda, the last sibling of the Wellinghams.

Well, here it is.  Lucinda has featured in Asher’s story, High Seas to High Society, Taris’s story, One Unashamed Night, and Cristo’s One Illicit Night.

Falder has been like a second home to me for so many years  -it is quite sad to have to say goodbye.  I hope you love the way Lucinda’s man is no pushover and, as the dissolute Duke who has seemingly ruined their sister, is causing mayhem for the Wellingham brothers.

Hunter, Kelly, The One That Got Away


Hunter, Kelly, The One That Got Away,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  The One That Got Away

Author:  Kelly Hunter

Imprint:  KISS (Modern Tempted)

Issues:  Child Abuse; Domestic Violence


“The man who’s always left her wanting more!”

Good job? “Tick.” Newly purchased apartment? “Tick.” Evie’s life is on a pretty even keel at the moment. The only thing missing? A man with an edge to keep things interesting.

Enter Logan Black. Tortured, distant and sexy, Logan has edge written all over him. He’s also the man who tipped Evie “over” the edge a few years back – she gave him everything, but he didn’t know when to stop taking.

Leaving Logan was the hardest thing Evie’s ever done. Until now. Because Logan’s back, the chemistry is as blistering as ever and this time he’s not going anywhere…

Dear Reader,

When it comes to reading and writing romance, I like my heroine smart, my heroes hot, the settings interesting, the story engaging, the romance intense and I do like to have a laugh.  Bonus points if the story makes me cry.  Harlequin’s new KISS series promises all that and more – in short contemporary romance form.  There will be four new KISS stories out each month, starting February 2013, and I’m thrilled that The One That Got Away is part of the launch lineup.

The One That Got Away is a reunion romance, of sorts.  When Logan Black walked out on Evangeline Jones all those years ago he thought he was doing the right thing.  He probably was.  But now he’s back and Evie’s grown into a strong and confident woman who knows what she wants, and she has never stopped wanting Logan.  All she has to do is persuade him to give her a second chance…

I love reader feedback – you can find me online at www.kellyhunter.net.

Dear Harlequin KISS,

You look so fresh and shiny and new.  I think I’m in love.  Here’s to a wonderful writing life together and a whole lot of happily ever after. 

XOX Kelly Hunter

Rock, Joanne, Whispers Under a Southern Sky


Rock, Joanne, Whispers Under a Southern Sky (Heartache, Book 4),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Whispers Under a Southern Sky (Heartache, Book 4)

Author:  Joanne Rock

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Abduction; Bipolar Disorder; Child Abuse; Molestation; Parenthood; Slut Shaming; Trauma


Her past…or her future?

It’s taken Amy Finley ten years, but she’s finally ready to return to her hometown of Heartache, Tennessee, and face the past. She just never expected that would include reuniting with her high school sweetheart and now town sheriff, Sam Reyes. Or that Sam’s latest case would lead right back to the darkest chapter in her life.

The attraction between Amy and Sam is definitely still there, not to mention that she’s sure she could quickly grow to love his cute baby son. But can he forgive her for keeping her secrets? Can she forgive herself?

Dear Reader,

The idea of “going home” holds unique memories for all of us.  Some of them are warm and wonderful as we remember happy Thanksgiving dinners gathered around a table laden with food or long summers playing in the backyard with friends.  But for people who have experienced a trauma, going home can be riddled with lots of unpleasant memories, too.

For Amy Finley, returning to Heartache means a mix of emotions.  I am inspired by her strength and determination even as I understand why she needed to stay away from her family for so log.  The payoff of returning – a possible healing of old relationships – is dangerously enticing for a woman with so much history in Heartache, Tennessee.

I welcome you back to town with open arms and hope you enjoy Amy’s return as much as I did.  A whole lot has changed since she left, but the new town sheriff is as appealing as he was as a teen.  Maybe some tings never change…

Happy reading,

Joanne Rock

Kaye, Marguerite, The Governess and the Sheikh


Kaye, Marguerite, The Governess and the Sheikh (Armstrong Sisters, Book 2), (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2011).

Title:  The Governess and the Sheikh (Armstrong Sisters, Book 2)

Author:  Marguerite Kaye

Imprint:  Historical

Issues:  Child Abuse; Gendered Expectations (Women); Interracial Relationship; Parenthood; POC


Seduction in the sand…Dark-hearted Sheikh Prince Jamil al-Nazarri commands his kingdom effortlessly…less so his difficult little daughter! Exasperated, he hires an English governess, hoping she’ll instill some much-needed discipline…

Lady Cassandra Armstrong is the most unconventional governess Jamil has ever seen! With her ravishing body and impulsive passion, Cassie is as innocently alluring as she is forbidden. Famous for his unshakable honor, the reticent sheikh’s resolve is about to be tested…as his feelings for Cassie are anything but honorable!

Author Note,

When I was asked to write my first ever sheikh story for the Mills & Boon Summer Sheikhs anthology, I assumed it would be a one-off.  But the exotic magic of the desert cast its spell over me.  The allure of an all-powerful prince, master and commander of a fantastical kingdom steeped in sensuality and set in the midst of a starkly beautiful and totally alien landscape, proved irresistible.  I had to return.

Cassandra, heroine of this book, made her first appearance in Innocent in the Sheikh’s Harem, which tells the story of Prince Ramiz of A’Qadiz and Lady Celia, Cassie’s elder sister.  English Rose meets Desert Prince, and in the process eminently sensible Celia discovers her true passionate nature, while autocratic, invulnerable Ramiz finds that ruling in splendid isolation can be a very lonely business.  The enclosed world of the harem, the wild beauty of hot desert nights, the intervention of not only Celia’s father but her formidable aunt and Cassie, too, are the ingredients for a denouement in which Regency England meets exotic Arabia.  Of course, true love ultimately bridges the cultural divide.

Cassie was smitten, as was I, with the intoxicating atmosphere of Arabia.  Her story was begging to be told, and I was as eager as she to return to the sultry world of the desert in order to tell it.  Two years after Celia and Ramiz are married Cassie has her opportunity, when she visits Celia in an effort to heal her broken heart.  She swears she will never love again, but of course she’s never met anyone like Prince Jamil al-Nazarri, one of Ramiz’s closest allies.  And Jamil has never met anyone like Cassie.  Sparks fly from that first meeting.  Their encounters are as scorching as the desert sun, as tumultuous as a desert storm.

I hope you enjoy reading Cassie and Jamil’s story as much as I loved telling it.  Here in Scotland, as I write this, we’re having our usual damp and driech summer.  Outside my window the rain is falling steadily, and the sea is iron-grey.  Something tells me it won’t be long before I am transported back to the desert again.

Meter, Kimberly Van, Kids on the Doorstep


Meter, Kimberly Van, Kids on the Doorstep, (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2009).

Title:  Kids on the Doorstep

Author:  Kimberly Van Meter

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Addiction; Alcohol; Assault; Child Abandonment; Child Abuse; Parenthood; PTSD; Therapy


John Murphy gets the shock of his life when he finds three abandoned girls on his doorstep. Once he takes them in, it isn’t long before the little tykes bring out his fiercest protective instincts. So when their mother shows up at his Emmett’s Mill ranch, he’s ready to do battle.

Except Renee Dolling isn’t what he expects. She clearly loves her girls and wants to make up for past mistakes. John wants to trust her, but he’s got the girls to think about. Unless Renee can prove she’s the mother her daughters deserve…and the woman this solitary rancher needs.

Warren, Linda, All Roads Lead to Texas


Warren, Linda, All Roads Lead to Texas (Home to Loveless County, Book 3),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2013).

Title:  All Roads Lead to Texas (Home to Loveless County, Book 3)

Author:  Linda Warren

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Bereavement; Child Abduction; Child Abuse; Domestic Violence; Parenthood


Running away or running home?

Callie Lambert flees New York with her three young siblings for the small Texas town where she was born, waiting for the day their abusive stepfather is put in jail and it’s safe to return to the city.

The four of them quickly become attached to Homestead and its people – especially Sheriff Wade Montgomery, a man who knows what it’s like to lose everything. But what will happen when he finds out Callie’s secret? Will he turn her in, or help her at the risk of losing his badge?

No matter what the future brings, she’s made a promise to bring the kids back home…but what if they’re already there?

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Homestead, Texas.  Never heard of it?  Well, you’re in for a treat.  This is the third book in a series called Home to Loveless County.  The books, about a fictional town in the Texas Hill Country, are written by Roxanne Rustand, K.N. Casper, Roz Denny Dox, Lynnette Kent and me.  I had a great time brainstorming with these wonderful authors.  Please don’t miss any of these exciting stories!

To save the dying town of Homestead, the mayor comes up with a land giveaway program.  New residents arrive weekly in search of a new beginning, a new life.

Callie Lambert was born in Homestead, and when she needs a safe hiding place, she returns to her roots as an applicant for the Home Free Program.  But Callie is a fugitive.  She’s kidnapped her brother and sisters from an abusive stepfather.  Now all she has to do is stay hidden until her case can be heard.

To do that she has to avoid the handsome sheriff, Wade Montgomery.  But he keeps checking on callie and the kids, and against her better judgment she’s drawn to the tall, lanky Texan.  What will Wade do when he discovers her secret?  Turn the page and find out!

I hope you enjoy your visit to Homestead, Texas.


Linda Warren

PS – you can email me at Lw1508@aol.com or send me a message on Facebook, www.facebook.com/authorlindawarren, or on Twitter, www.twitter.com/texauthor, or write me at P.O. Box 5182, Bryan, TX 77805 or visit my website at www.lindawarren.net.  You mail and thoughts are deeply appreciated

Wood, Joss, Flirting with the Forbidden


Wood, Joss, Flirting with the Forbidden (Moreau Siblings, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2014).

Title:  Flirting with the Forbidden (Moreau Siblings, Book 1)

Author:  Joss Wood

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues:  Bereavement; Child Abuse; Domestic Violence; Dyslexia;


He can look…but he’s not supposed to touch! 

Bodyguard Noah Fraser hasn’t seen diamond heiress Morgan Moreau for eight years—but the image of her naked body has been imprinted on his mind ever since! The sexy socialite was totally off-limits and it took every ounce of Noah’s iron control to walk away…. 

Now he’s been hired to protect her again, so picking up where they left off definitely isn’t an option. But Noah’s body doesn’t seem to have got the memo—keeping his hands off Morgan is a 24/7 battle! And how can he resist the forbidden when giving in is so irresistibly tempting…?

Dear Reader,

So many children, bright and bold, are failed by the current schooling system because they don’t fit into the ‘academic’ box society wants to shove them into.  Over the years I’ve watched the struggles of a few dyslexic friends and the pain mothers of dyslexic children experience because school is a minefield for them.  Because I believe that there are many different types of intelligence, and that one isn’t better than another, I wanted to explore the effects dyslexia can have on an adult-especially one who comes from a wealthy, important and prominent family.  Morgan, my bright, brave and bold heroine, is a result of those musings.

And Noah…  Oh, I’m so in love with Noah.  He’s pulled himself out of a shocking family situation and is hard and tough, but he acts with integrity and honour.  He’s a sexy, reticent ex-SAS Scot who thinks he doesn’t need anyone or anything.  He probably doesn’t…except Morgan.  And he doesn’t much like it.

Morgan and Noah are equally strong and equally vulnerable, and I so enjoyed getting to know them.  I hope you will too!

With my best wishes

Joss  xxx