Knupp, Amy, Because of the List


Knupp, Amy, Because of the List,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2011).

Title:  Because of the List

Author:  Amy Knupp

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Emotional Quotient; Injury


Taylor McCabe likes equations. They make sense. But one buttoned-up computer whiz plus an injured army pilot simply does not add up. It’s time to get over her childish crush on Alex Worth, her brother’s best friend, and find a husband. Enter The List—Taylor’s ten must-have traits for a viable suitor.

But her plan goes awry when Alex insists on vetting each contender. The way he dismisses them feels like the actions of a protective boyfriend. Strangely, his attitude makes her even more attracted to him. Too bad he doesn’t meet even one of her requirements…

Dear Reader,

When people ask me what kinds of books I like to read, I usually answer romance and military nonfiction.  Sometimes they give me an odd look at the combination, but then I’m used to odd looks.

I especially love reading romances that have a military hero.  I finally decided I’d try my hand at writing one, and Alex Worth was born in my imagination.  He’s a tough, competent, been-through-hell-several-times-overs guy whose helicopter was shot down in combat.  His best friend was killed in the crash, and Alex is left, seriously injured, to live with the aftermath.  Ever conscious of his duty, he feels obligated to watch out for his best friend’s youngers sister, Taylor McCabe.

Most of the heroines of my books have been self-confident, sometimes mouthy or witty (at least in their minds), socially adept people-the type of woman Alex Worth would normally go for.  I thought it would be fun to give him the exact opposite.

Taylor is a super-intelligent, socially challenged computer and math geek who never knows what to say, especially around the sexy, virile helicopter pilot.  To add to her unease, she’s had a crush on Alex since she was a teenager.

I hope you enjoy reading how the army pilot and the computer geek fall in love, because I had a great time writing their story.  Please feel free to write to me at  Learn more about my books and writing life at

Thank you for picking up Because of the List!

Best wishes,

Amy Knupp