Reed, Terri, Identity Unknown


Reed, Terri, Identity Unknown (Northern Border Patrol, Book 5),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Identity Unknown (Northern Border Patrol, Book 5)

Author:  Terri Reed

Imprint:  Love Inspired Suspense

Issues:  Amnesia; Violence


Missing Memories

When a John Doe washes up on the shores of Calico Bay, no one knows who he is—including him. But one thing’s instantly clear to deputy sheriff Audrey Martin: the man’s marked for murder. And she’s the only one who can protect him from the assassins who lurk at every turn. The arrival of a team of men claiming he’s Canadian Border Services officer Nathanial Longhorn only further complicates the matter. As his memories slowly start drifting back, Nathanial’s determined to work with Audrey to uncover who wants him dead and why. But he’s tangled in something that threatens to submerge them both. And unless Audrey can help him figure out what, this Christmas might be their last.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for joining me in the last installment of the Northern Border Patrol series.  It was time to give Canadian officer Nathanial Longhorn his own book, and pairing him with strong and independent Deputy Sheriff Audrey Martin seemed like the perfect match.

Giving Nathanial amnesia was such fun.  It was a delight to have him learning about himself as he fell in love with Audrey.  They both had painful issues from their past to overcome in order to have their happy ending.  Audrey’s mother shared a piece of wisdom with Nathanial – our greatest blessings lie beyond our greatest fears.  Do you believe that?

I do.  Sometimes in life we have to move past our fear in order to find the blessing.  I pray you will find your blessing this holiday season.

Keep watch for a new K-9 continuity series in 2017.  Check out my webpage at and sign up for my newsletter for updates on my new releases.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Blessings, Terri Reed


Lee, Rachel, Conard County Marine


Lee, Rachel, Conard County Marine (Conard County:  The Next Generation),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Conard County Marine (Conard County:  The Next Generation)

Author:  Rachel Lee

Imprint:  Romantic Suspense

Issues:   Amnesia; Attack; Violence


The arrival of a single black rose signals danger to come for Kylie Brewer. Recovering from a brutal attack that claimed three years of her memory and her chance at a promising career, Kylie just wants to pick up the remaining fragments of her life. She returns to her hometown of Conard City to live with her sister but soon learns that putting the past in its place won’t be easy.  

Marine sergeant Evan Cooper—a trusted family friend who agrees to help Kylie—can’t ignore his protective instincts. Or the steadily growing desire he feels for a woman who has overcome so much. He vows to help keep Kylie’s demons at bay…but someone else has plans to finish what they started.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a new adventure into the world of my Escape Club Heroes.  The Escape, a riverside nightclub owned by a retired police officer, is known for hot bands, but it maintains a quieter reputation for helping people with problems that fall through the cracks of typical law enforcement.

When she becomes the object of an aggressive stalker, Julia Cooper seeks help fro the Escape to unravel the threats to her career as well as her life.  Unfortunately, she can’t decide if being under the watchful eye of Mitch Galway makes things better  or worse.  Julia has hidden her true motivations for her career success from the world for so long that I knew it would take a special kind of hero to crack through the wall around her heart.

Mitch, a Philly firefighter currently moonlighting as an Escape bartender, is a remarkable guy and he intrigued me from the start.  Firefighters are vital, everyday heroes in our communities and they have a place of honor in my heart.  I a forever grateful for the swift response, expertise and compassion of the crew that saved our family home during a New Year’s Eve party when I was a kid.

Julia and Mitch felt like dear friends to me as I was writing their story and I hope you’ll soon feel the same way.  Enjoy their story and keep an eye out for more Escape Club Heroes on the horizon.

Live the adventure.

Regan Black

Pickering, Kathleen, Where It Began


Pickering, Kathleen, Where It Began (Together Again, Book 3),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2014).

Title:  Where It Began (Together Again, Book 3)

Author:  Kathleen Pickering

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Accident; Amnesia; Bereavement; Guilt


Daniel Del Rio never could say no to Maria Santiago. So although their relationship is over, when she asks him to sail her to the Bahamas, he reluctantly agrees. She’s convinced that revisiting the scene of her accident will restore her memory. If it does, then maybe he can finally let go and move on with his life.

But moving on seems impossible when being in such close quarters reminds him of what they once had. Could their proximity be having the same effect on her? As he falls for Maria, Daniel realizes he has to confess his role in the accident…even if that confession could cost him a second chance with her.

Dear Reader,

I wish I knew you personally to thank you for purchasing my first Harlequin Superromance book!  Writing Where It Began was dear to me because it was based on a trip to the Bahamas with my husband for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.  The beauty of the Abacos, the reefs and the remote location acted as a catalyst for Daniel Maria’s love story.

Raised as a power-boat kid, transitioning to sailing after marriage proved more difficult than I imagined.  In the power-boat world, a heeling (tilting) boat means trouble, and setting the boat in motion merely requires turning a key.  Learning sailboat rigging and handling sails taught me much about the power of nature and the joy of harnessing the wind.  Also, as in relationships, finally letting go of the boat’s lifelines to enjoy the heeling sailboat literally taught me to let go of my need for control and enjoy life’s surprises and adventures.

I became hooked on writing in eighth grade, when I discovered the power of words in a poem written by e. e. cummings.  I hope my wordcrafted worlds of triumph and love entertain you.  Feel free to email me at and let me know.

Happy reading!

Kathleen Pickering

Hunter, Kelly, What the Bride Didn’t Know


Hunter, Kelly, What the Bride Didn’t Know (The Wests, Book 3),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  What the Bride Didn’t Know (The Wests, Book 3)

Author:  Kelly Hunter

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues:  Amnesia; Injury


Shh…it’s a secret! 

Special ops expert Trig Sinclair is a man’s man, and that means he knows the cardinal rule of the bro code—no matter how dynamite Lena West is, as his best friend’s younger sister, she’s strictly off-limits! 

But when a secret mission to Istanbul sees Lena and Trig pretending to be married (and sharing a bed!), he finds himself in a whole new world of sweet torture…. But if Trig thinks playing the honor-bound hero is tough, it’s got nothing on how Lena feels when she discovers what her “groom” is really hiding…

Dear Reader,

I love writing connected stories.  I’m particularly fond of exploring the dynamics between siblings and how those dynamics change when siblings start bringing partners into the family unit.  It’s fun.  Sometimes there’s conflict.  Sometimes I break out the popcorn.

What the Bride Didn’t Know is the third book in the West Family series, and I’m thrilled to finally be bringing Lena’s story to readers.  Lena and Trig have been friends since childhood and he’s such an integral part of her life that Lena doesn’t dare risk seducing him in case it all goes wrong.  Until she loses her memory in a foreign land a long, long way from home and then all bets are off.

The other stories in the West Family series so far are:

Flirting With Intent

Cracking the Dating Code

Best wishes and happy reading,

Kelly Hunter