Minton, Brenda, The Rancher’s Texas Match

Minton, The Rancher's Texas Match.jpg

Minton, Brenda, The Rancher’s Texas Match,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  The Rancher’s Texas Match

Author:  Brenda Minton

Imprint:  Love Inspired

Issues:  Abandonment; Bereavement; Grief; Parenthood


A Rancher’s Mission

As a volunteer at the Lone Star Cowboy League Boys Ranch, Tanner Barstow helps the troubled young residents turn their lives around. When a local rancher dies and leaves his large property to the boys ranch, Tanner finds himself spending a lot of time with Macy Swanson, whose orphaned nephew, Colby, lives at the ranch. Tanner’s attracted to the newcomer, but she doesn’t fit his plans. Macy longs to have Colby come home with her, but the former city girl worries she won’t be the mother he deserves. Can Tanner help her see that the future she and Colby need is right here—with him?

Dear Reader,

I’m so glad to have another opportunity to participate in a continuity.  Lone Star Cowboy League:  Boys Ranch takes you to Haven, Texas, deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country.

The characters in this book quickly became special to me.  There were moments that their journey took me by surprise.  I hope that you’ll love Macy, Tanner and Colby as much as I do and that the lessons they learn about grief, faith and finding peace will touch your heart and life.

I know from experience that there are so many children in placements like the LSCL Boys Ranch.  They’re waiting to go home, waiting to find homes and trying to find peace.  If this book touches your heart, then allow your life to touch the lives of those children in the foster care system.

Brenda Minton


Beckett, Tina, Winning Back His Doctor Bride


Beckett, Tina, Winning Back His Doctor Bride (The Hollywood Hills Clinic, Book 8),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Winning Back His Doctor Bride (The Hollywood Hills Clinic, Book 8)

Author:  Tina Beckett

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Abandonment; Orphan


The one that got away

Dr James Rothsberg, renowned plastic surgeon and owner of The Hollywood Hills Clinic, is famous for his control. But then he finds himself working with beautiful Dr Mila Brightman—the woman he left at the altar six years ago.

Drawn together again by an orphaned patient, it’s not long before the lingering chemistry between them explodes. Now James must decide whether to run again, or fight for the woman he never stopped loving!

Dear Reader,

Have you ever done something to protect a loved one?  Something that hurt so deeply you thought you might never recover, but you did it anyway?  Not everyone has had to make sacrifices like that, but I think most of us are willing to if it means the securty and happiness of that other person.

This is the position that James Rothsberg found himself in when he unexpectedly fell for Mila Brightman.  Only once he dropped the axe on their relationship he never expected to see her again.  Years later Mila is back in town, and the two are forced to work together for the benefit of their community.  And in doing so they fid old feelings resurfacing at the worst of times.

Thank you for joining James and Mila as they struggle to get past old hurts and uncover secrets they thought long buried.  And maybe – just maybe – they’ll rediscover love along the way. 

I hope you enjoy reading their story as much as I loved writing it! Enjoy!


Tina Beckett