White, Hope, Witness Pursuit

White, Witness Pursuit.jpg

White, Hope, Witness Pursuit (Echo Mountain, Book 5),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Witness Pursuit (Echo Mountain, Book 5)

Author:  Hope White

Imprint:  Love Inspired Suspense

Issues:  Guilt; Murder


Guarding the Witness

When Cassie McBride discovers a dead body in a rental cabin, she quickly becomes the killer’s next target. Now the upbeat, chatty property manager is under the personal protection of police chief Nate Walsh—the living embodiment of the strong, silent type. Nate’s tragic past has taught him that a cop falling for a pretty witness can lead to disaster. Dogged at every turn by the murderer, Nate must stay focused and not let his growing feelings for Cassie interfere with his duty. If there’s any hope for Cassie—or a future for them—it’s going to take all Nate’s skill to not only keep her safe…but to keep her alive.

Dear Reader,

I’m so very excited to present to you the fifth book in my Echo Mountain series, featuring Cassie McBride and Police Chief Nate Walsh.  What a great couple!

Cassie is an optimist with a lighthearted nature who’s paired with Nate, the strong silent type who intimidates people just by looking at them.  Yet somehow, as Nate plays bodyguard for Cassie in the rugged Cascade Mountains, they help each other work through their personal struggles, and Cassie opens Nate’s heart to the concept of “grace.”

The emotionally guarded chief of police even challenges Cassie to speak her truth with love to her family, something she’s been unable to do.  She’d rather escape her hometown and travel indefinitely than tell her mom, brother and sister that their smothering style is driving her away.  But before she can speak her truth, Cassie must elude mob guys who think she has taken something oftheirs.  As Cassie and Nate spend time together, he feels saddened by the thought of losing her once the case is solved and she leaves town.  But if he loves her, he won’t hold her back from her dream of traveling.

The theme of speaking your truth with love is woven throughout the pages of this book because I feel it’s essential for healthy relationships.  I hope you enjoyed Cassie and Nate’s journey as they learned to come together and embrace truth and faith.


Hope White


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