Terry, Kimberly Kaye, Hot to Touch

Terry, Hot to Touch.jpg

Terry, Kimberly Kaye, Hot to Touch,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2010).

Title:  Hot to Touch

Author:  Kimberly Kaye Terry

Imprint:  Kimani

Issues:  Bereavement; Grief; Interracial Relationship; POC; WOC


Emogene Rawlings isn’t afraid to fight fire with fire. But when the feisty photojournalist heads west to tackle her toughest assignment yet, she ignites a blaze that may be too hot to handle. Rugged firefighter Shane Westwood is tall, dark–and dangerous. And he’s sending her heart straight into the line of fire….

Shane loves the wide open spaces of Wyoming, loves living a life of risk. And when the petite fireball who’s shadowing his every move enflames his deepest desires, the aroused smoke jumper is more than up for the challenge. But is Emogene ready for the most dangerous mission of all? To give in to the passion that’s consuming everything in its path–that will brand them heart and soul?

Dear Reader,

I’m very excited to introduce you to Shane Westwood and Emma Rawlings.  Writing their story was an absolute blast!  Shane is a smoke jumper used to fighting extreme fires in the West, and Emma is a photojournalist who is always after the most dangerous stories.  Yes, they are two hotheads!  Two stubborn people who fight against love, but when they finally start to give in, boy, do the fireworks start!  They took me from scaling walls, to jumping out of airplanes…to hot, sultry nights making love under a starlit sky.  I hope you enjoy reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I loved the West so much that I decided to stay there for a while.  Look for To Tempt a Wilde, book one in my new Wilde family spring.  I appreciate your support and will do my best to continue writing hot, sexy exciting stories featuring alpha men and the women they love!

Keep it sexy,

Kimberly Kaye Terry  😉


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