Shaw, Chantelle, Sheikh’s Forbidden Conquest

Shaw, Sheikh's Forbidden Conquest.jpg

Shaw, Chantelle, Sheikh’s Forbidden Conquest (The Howard Sisters, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2015).

Title:  Sheikh’s Forbidden Conquest (The Howard Sisters, Book 1)

Author:  Chantelle Shaw

Imprint:  Presents (Modern)

Issues:  Class Differences; Interracial Relationship; POC


Taming the playboy prince!

Sultan Kadir Al Sulaimar may be Europe’s most notorious playboy, but since his bride-to-be finally came of age, he’s sworn to be faithful to the princess he’s never met.

Yet when feisty helicopter pilot Lexi Howard saves his life, she turns Kadir’s regimented world upside down. His first duty must be to his country, but avoiding the sensual pilot is becoming increasingly difficult…especially now that she’s working for him!

Lexi’s disregard for his command is somewhat…refreshing. Can the desert king resist making her his final—and most forbidden—conquest?

Dear Reader,

Sisters often share a special bond of love and friendship – as I do with my own sister.  I am fascinated by this unique relationship, and decided to write a duet featuring two sisters.

However, when I thought of Lexi, the heroine of Sheikh’s Forbidden Conquest, I realised that her relationship with her younger sister Athena was complicated because Lexi was adopted.  A year later her adoptive parents had a much longed for daughter of their own, and made it clear to Lexi that they preferred Athena.

Lexi has demonstrated her bravery as an RAF pilot, flying rescue missions in Afghanistan, but sparks fly when she goes to work for Sultan Kadir Al Sulaimar in his desert kingdom of Zenhab.  The cultural differences between them are just one barrier they face, and they know they must resist the sizzling chemistry that ignites whenever they are near each other!

In my second book, shy Athena wishes she was as confident as her fiery sister.  Athena has been named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, but she feels she is a disappointment to her academic parents, who hoped she would follow them into a medical career.

At least her parents are pleased that she is engaged to English aristocrat Charles Fairfax.  But mysterious Italian playboy Luca De Rossi has other plans for Athena!

I hope you enjoy reading about the sisters’ journeys to finding true love!

Best wishes



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