Rimmer, Christine, The Good Girl’s Second Chance

Rimmer, The Good Girl's Second Chance.jpg

Rimmer, Christine, The Good Girl’s Second Chance (The Bravos of Justice Creek, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2015).

Title:  The Good Girl’s Second Chance (The Bravos of Justice Creek, Book 2)

Author:  Christine Rimmer

Imprint:  Special Edition

Issues:  Divorce; Domestic Violence; Infidelity; Parenthood


The Littlest Matchmaker Of Them All…

Quinn Bravo is a committed single dad—emphasis on single. The millionaire bachelor is focused on his four-year-old daughter and his fitness business. So while he’s intrigued by his beautiful new interior decorator, Quinn resolves to keep the chemistry at a simmer. Until one night together causes their attraction to burst into flame…

After her ex-husband betrayed her, local good girl Chloe Winchester returned to Justice Creek, determined not to risk her heart again. Still, maybe she can live out some teenage fantasies with sexy Quinn while redecorating his house. But first Chloe will have to avoid falling for one adorable little girl and the man of her dreams!

Dear Reader,

Chloe Winchester’s perfect marriage crashed and burned.  Now she’s back in her hometown of Justice Creek, Colorado, starting over and determined to get it right this time.

Single dad Quinn Bravo has no interest in chasing women.  He’s got an adorable four-year-old daughter to raise and a growing business to run.

Once upon a time, Chloe was the town golden girl.  Everyone knew she was destined for great things.  Back then, Quinn was an angry, troubled boy, the one everyone thought was “slow”, the one who was always getting in fights.  Chloe used to avoid him then – even if, secretly, he made her heart beat faster.  Quinn left town just after high school.

But now he’s back in justice Creek, too – and his house is just down the hill from hers.  Neither of them is looking for love or romance.  Chloe’s been burned too badly.  And Quinn just doesn’t have the time.

But it only takes one fine, forbidden night with Chloe to have Quinn thinking he’d better make time…

Happy reading, everyone,

Christine Rimmer


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