Quinn, Tara Taylor, Sophie’s Secret

Quinn, Sophie's Secret.jpg

Quinn, Tara Taylor, Sophie’s Secret (Shelter Valley Stories, Book 10),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2009).

Title:  Sophie’s Secret (Shelter Valley Stories, Book 10)

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Parenthood


Sophie Curtis lives a big secret. She’s been having an affair with Duane Koch. Their days–and nights– together are their own oasis away from the world. It’s unconventional but, given the difference in their ages and her troubled past, it works for them.

Then Duane is asked to step into the political ring–an opportunity he’s been waiting for. Too bad about the timing, though. Because Sophie’s just found out she’s pregnant, and an instant family–with her–could ruin his chances. The right thing would be for her to bow out of his life. But when he surprises her with a proposal, will she have the strength to walk away from the man she loves?

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Shelter Valley!  For those of you who’ve never been here before, I think you’ll like your stay with us.  For those of you who were here before – several years ago – welcome home!

Shelter Valley is a town – and a small one at that.  It’s in the desert in Arizona about an hour’s drive from Phoenix.  The only thing of any renown in the town is its university – Montford.  The school is small, but students come from around the country to get a Montford education.  They call it the Harvard of the West.

Many moons ago (there are a lot of Indian influences in Shelter Valley) Sophie Curtis was a student at Montford – ailing from Denver, Colorado, on a full scholarship.  She’s all grown up now.  Has a successful career.  And when she’s not traveling, she still calls Shelter Valley home.

Sophie had some issues in college.  For one, she was in love with her professor.  She was certain he was in love with her, too.  And told people so.  Only to find out that he wasn’t.  As it turned out, that was the least of her problems.  But Sophie’s older now.  Wiser.

But are we ever old enough to be fully wise?

I’m guessing probably not.  But here’s what I know – Shelter Valley is the place to be when you’re having unwise moments.  It’s the place to be when you’re struggling.  It’s the place to be when the life you were so certain was the right one for you falls into little pieces around your feet.  Because in Shelter Vallet people care.

Please join us.

Tara Taylor Quinn

P.S.  I love to hear from readers!  You can reach me at staff@tarataylorquinn.com, or at P.O. Box 13584, Mesa, AZ 85216.


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