Leclaire, Day, The Billionaire’s Baby Negotiation


Leclaire, Day, The Billionaire’s Baby Negotiation,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2007).

Title:  The Billionaire’s Baby Negotiation

Author:  Day Leclaire

Imprint:  Desire

Issues:  Parenthood


Texas billionaire Joc Arnaud had triumphed over his illegitimate roots to become a business legend. And no baby of his would grow up penniless and ridiculed like he had. So whether Rosalyn Oakley liked it or not, their child would bear his name. As would she. He knew Rosalyn wanted nothing more than to run back to her little ranch and never lay eyes on him again. Too bad. Because she wasn’t going anywhere with his baby.

Dear Reader,

You met Joc Arnaud as a minor character in The Prince’s Mistress, where he “negotiated” a marriage contract between his sister, Ana, and Prince Lander Montgomery.  Lander warned Joc that the time would come when Joc would find himself in a similar situation.  “Someday you’ll find yourself boxed into a corner like this.  Remember me when that happens, Arnaud.  Remember, and know that you brought it on yourself when you forced this agreement on the one woman you should have protected, and the one man who will do whatever it takes to see that you pay for your arrogance.”

Well, that time has come and Joc is thrust into the negotiation of his life.

I love stories that put characters into tight spots and force them to make tough decisions.  It strips them down to the bare essence of who they are and what they want – and what lengths they’ll go to obtain that ultimate desire.  Stories like those make me wonder…what’s most important in our lives?  And what extremes will we go to gain what we want most?

For more information about my latest releases, please visit me at my website:  www.dayleclaire.com.  I love hearing from readers!




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