Hudson, Jan, The Maverick


Hudson, Jan, The Maverick,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2010).

Title:  The Maverick

Author:  Jan Hudson

Imprint:  American Romance (Western Romance)

Issues:  Parenthood


Cassidy Outlaw left her high-powered legal job–and the unscrupulous lawyer fiance who broke her heart– to return to Texas. Here, life is simpler and the people more authentic. Managing her family’s Chili Witches Cafe and protecting the charm of old Austin’s landmarks keeps her too busy to care about spending time with Griff Mitchell, the new hottie in town with the Paul Newman blue eyes.

When Cass literally stumbles over him on the jogging trail, Griff falls for her in turn–hard. Too bad she’s got a problem with big New York City lawyers…because he’s here to convince her family to sell their historic property. No one told him Cass was the kind of woman who could stand up to any man–a maverick who could break his heart. Will she forgive him when she discovers his secret?

Dear Reader,

I can’t believe this is the seventh Texas Outlaws book.  For those of you who read the last book, The Twin (January 2010), you’ve already met the heroine of this story, Cassidy Outlaw, the other twin sister.  On flex time, Cass and her sister, Sunny, manage the family’s Chili Witches Café in Austin, Texas, a stone’s throw from the capitol grounds.

Cass is a maverick for sure, and there’s not much she can’t handle – until she runs into Griff Mitchell, a man who’s dead set on wining and dining and wooing our Cass.  Austin is known for a lot of things, tops among them are music, history, great food…and bats.  Get set to learn more about both its bats and its great food, everything from migas to rattlesnake cakes and wild game, as a New York lawyer tries his best to win this Texas gal who isn’t too fond of lawyers in general.  Bet I’ll have you smacking your lips for sweet potato empanadas.  (There are tasty recipes on the Internet.)

The senator pops in from time to time, offering advice to his daughter.  (He’s rooting for Griff, but the rest of her family have their doubts about him – and maybe with good reason.)  You’ll also get reacquainted with characters you’ve met before if you’ve followed the Texas Outlaws series.  The whole Outlaw clan congregates for a couple of neat celebrations.

It’s with a tear in my eye that I say goodbye to the Outlaw family.  I’ve learned to love them.  I hope you do, too.


Jan Hudson


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