Hoffmann, Kate, The Mighty Quinns: Dex

Hoffmann, The Mighty Quinns Dex.jpg

Hoffmann, Kate, The Mighty Quinns:  Dex (The Mighty Quinns, Book 26),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  The Mighty Quinns:  Dex (The Mighty Quinns, Book 26)

Author:  Kate Hoffmann

Imprint:  Blaze

Issues:  Bereavement; Depression; Grief; Guilt; Self Esteem


Just the right touch…

With her career on the line, Marlie Jenner is determined to make a top-notch documentary about beloved Irish author Aileen Quinn. Which means she needs a top-notch filmmaker; she needs Dex Kennedy. Dex is talented, well respected and Irish. He’s also hotter than hell. And when they meet, he looks as if he wants to eat Marlie right up.

Marlie does look delicious, but after a fatal accident during the shooting of his last documentary, Dex refuses to work on another film. Marlie has some very persuasive techniques, however, and after one seductive, drugging kiss, Dex is hooked—on the film, on Marlie, on the prospect of living again. But every documentary takes on a life of its own. And this one promises an ending that none of them could ever have anticipated…

Dear Reader,

It’s hard to believe I’m finishing up another set of Quinn books.  This series was really fun to write and I spent more than a few hours wondering what I’d do if some distant relative left me a million dollars.  Not too much time, though, since I know I don’t have any wealthy relatives out there.

Though I’ve had a chance to giveaway a lot of Aileen Quinn’s money, I think there might be a little more left in the bank account.  Who knows what Quinns might be found in the future?  The Mighty Quinns:  Dex is my twenty-sixth story about the family.  I think there might be a dew more stories left to be told.  Stay tuned!


Kate Hoffmann


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