Brisbin, Terri, Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue


Brisbin, Terri, Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue (A Highland Feuding, Book 3),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue (A Highland Feuding, Book 3)

Author:  Terri Brisbin

Imprint:  Historical

Issues:  Abduction; Class Differences; Revenge


The Highlander’s prisoner

There’s more to hardened outlaw Niall Corbett than meets the eye. Despite his merciless reputation, he’s on a mission he must defend with his life. One that means taking beautiful Fia Mackintosh prisoner for her own protection!

Fia may have dreamed of being swept away by a gorgeous Highlander, but never of being held hostage by a gang of outlaws! While her head screams for her to run, her heart beats a little too fast for her captor, a man she shouldn’t, yet can’t help but trust…

Author Note

I am so thrilled to bring you the third book in my A Highland Feuding miniseries – Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue!  I confess, I am finding such inspiration from the true history of these two Scottish families and their centuries-long feud.

If you’ve read the first two books, you’ve met the heroine, Fia Mackintosh.  She was a young girl caught up in the dangerous feud in Stolen by the Highlander, and then we saw her as an insightful girl in The Highlander’s Runaway Bride.  Now Fia is a young woman who thinks that the stories and experiences of Lady Arabella and Lady Eva are sooo romantic.  And she’s dreamed of a handsome Highlander kidnapping her and sweeping her into a torrid love affair that would lead to a happily-ever-after of her own.  But when it happens, it’s not at all how she thought it would be, and yet it’s so much more at the same time.

Using the disguise of Iain Dubh, Niall Corbett cannot help himself when he meets Fia in a dangerous situation – he kidnaps her believing it’s the only way to protect her.  As we romance readers know already, nothing is ever that simple or clear, and this situation goes from bad to worse quickly.  This hero is much, much more than he appears, and there is simply no way that Fia Mackintosh can ever be his.  Or is there a way for Fia to find her coveted happy ending with this enigmatic rogue?

A hint before you read this – my next hero appears in this book.  If you’ve read the first book, you’ve met him, too, but now he’s grown-up and in need of a heroine.  When he entered this book, he acted quite heroically, so I just know he’s ready fro his own story.


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