Andrews, Amy, Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger

Andrews, Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger.jpg

Andrews, Amy, Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Swept Away by the Seductive Stranger

Author:  Amy Andrews

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Injury; Self Esteem


When that guy on the train turns out to be your boss!

Nurse Felicity Mitchell’s train journey of a lifetime is even more unforgettable when she meets Callum Hollingsworth. Neither is looking for temptation, but that doesn’t stop them from sharing one hot, wild night!

Except when they disembark, they learn that what happened on the train won’t stay on the train. Because the gorgeous stranger is Flick’s new boss…and it’s increasingly difficult to keep their chemistry under control and leave it at just one night!

Dear Reader,

When I was asked to write a duo with Emily Forbes centering around a house swap, I leaped at the chance.  I simply adored the movie The Holiday, and thought the concept would be great to play around with.  There are no snowy cottages or Jude Laws in this one, but there is Outback Australia, a delicious wounded doc and a no-nonsense small-town nurse who’s superwary of love – particularly when it comes in the form of a very temporary locum.

I was also thrilled finally to be able to put a train in a book!  In 2012 my husband and I travelled on the Indian Pacific from Sydney all the way across the country to Perth, and I have been wanting to put that trip in a book ever since.  Growing up as the daughter of a railway man, I’ve always felt trains are in my blood, and some of my happiest childhood memories involve train trips with the family.  There’s just something so romantic about saloon cars, moonlit landscapes flitting by and two strangers making love all night to the clickerty-clack of the rails against the track.

I hope you enjoy the journey through this book as much as I did bringing it to you.

Happy reading – and all aboard!



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