Anders, Karen, The Bare Facts

Anders, The Bare Facts.jpg

Anders, Karen, The Bare Facts,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2002).

Title:  The Bare Facts

Author:  Karen Anders

Imprint:  Blaze

Issues:  Self Esteem


Haley Lawton has to get a sex life—now! To keep her new assignment as regular feature writer for a hot women’s magazine, she has to come up with four killer articles on how to spice up the sex in a relationship. With little experience, but a lot of big dreams, she convinces Dylan Malone, her old college crush, now ad exec, to help tutor her on the finer points.

The finer points—indeed! Haley thinks she can handle living through one incredible fantasy; however, it isn’t long before Dylan’s sexy mouth and impatient hands start affecting her…completely. Now she’s not so sure that their next steamy encounter is such a good idea after all!

Once the fun and games are over, can Haley and Dylan turn four fantasies into forever?

Dear Reader,

My critique group made me write this story.  They told me that I had a special gift fir writing sensual stories and that I should enter the Blaze writing contest.  So I did, and here is the result.  I’m glad I listened to them.  I’m thrilled to be writing for the Harlequin Blaze.

What could be more fun than writing about fantasies?  Well, living them!  That’s what Haley, my heroine, does.  She needs to make a splash with a spice-up-sex-life column that was dropped into her lap, and who better to spice up her life than my sexy hero, Dylan?  Come along and discover how they overcome their obstacles to love while they learn about each other – body and soul.

After you’ve finished reading about Haley and Dylan and your heart stops racing, please let me know what you think,  you can write to me at P.O. Box 1929, Centreville, VA 20122 or visit me at and drop me an email.  And check out the brand-new Blaze site at


Karen Anders


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