Leigh, Jo, Tempted in the City


Leigh, Jo, Tempted in the City,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Tempted in the City

Author:  Jo Leigh

Imprint:  Blaze

Issues:   Gendered Expectations (Women)


Meet Little Italy’s best-kept—and hottest—secret: bachelor Tony Paladino

Little Italy is a part of Tony Paladino. The noise, the food, the people—it’s in his blood. Now he’s taken over the family contracting business, trying to keep the community as vibrant and beautiful as it used to be. But the bitch about small communities is everyone knows everyone…

Which is why newcomer Catherine Fox is pretty much screwed. There isn’t enough cannoli in the world to convince the old-school neighbors to accept an outsider. As Tony helps Cat restore the old home she bought, however, the chemistry between them is sizzlin’ hot. And suddenly this sexy bachelor—who’s oh-so-good with his hands—is not about to say Ciao!

Dear Reader,

I’m back writing about my favourite city in the world-New York!  In this gently reimagined tale of Little Italy, five generations of the Paladino family have lived in their house on Mulberry Street since 1910.  Now, they’ve got a thriving construction firm where three hot brothers, Tony, Luca and Dominic, work, live and love in the shrinking, old-fashioned world of close Italian families who seem to specialize in gossip.

In Tempted in the City, Tony Paladino meets a woman who is most definitely not one of their own.  Catherine Fox works as a translator at the United Nations.  After growing up in Europe, the daughter of diplomats, she’s finally found the home she’s always dreamed of in the heart of Little Italy.

Unfortunately, the Old Guard-a bunch of nosy neighbors who should know better-objects to this stranger remodeling one of the few single-family homes in the neighborhood.

Tony, on the other hand, loves everything about Cat.  From the moment she hires his family to do the remodel, the two of them click in every way…especially in the bedroom.

It’s supposed to be just a fling-until they finish the house.  But life doesn’t always follow a blueprint.

I hope you all fall in love with the Brothers Paladino in the hot NYC Bachelors series!  I certainly have.


Jo Leigh


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