Hauf, Michele, Moonlight and Diamonds


Hauf, Michele, Moonlight and Diamonds (The Saint-Pierres, Book 7), (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2015).

Title:  Moonlight and Diamonds (The Saint-Pierres, Book 7)

Author:  Michele Hauf

Imprint:  Nocturne

Issues:  Drugs; Self Esteem


The most precious prize…

Werewolf Stryke Saint-Pierre knows Paris socialite Blyss Sauveterre must be handled carefully. She once used their sizzling attraction to steal an infamous diamond – and he won’t risk her manipulating him again!

Blyss cannot let the brooding werewolf know that these heists pay for an elixir to keep her wolf at bay… and they’ve kept her safe until now. When her latest raid puts a pack of deadly demons on her trail, Blyss knows Stryke is her only hope. On the run and in danger, dare Blyss let her inner wolf run wild with the one man who’s ever got close to her heart?

Dear Reader,

Another brave and fearless hero.  Another smart heroine who falls hopelessly in love.  Another paranormal romance story that I couldn’t resist writing because I love to write stories I love to read.  And in doing so, I hope you, the reader, will fall in love too.  Stryke Saint-Pierre is one of Blu and Creed’s grandchildren (their story was Her Vampire Husband), and I’ve paired him with a woman so completely opposite his down-to-earth, practical werewolf self I wasn’t even sure I could find a way to make them fall in love.  Fortunately, magic sometimes happens on the page, and I promise you a happily-ever-after.

And guess what?  This story marks my fiftieth story for Harlequin!  How cool is that?  I’ve been writing for this publisher since my first fantasy that I wrote for Luna, then I tried out a few Bombshells before landing in the Harlequin Nocturne line, of which I hope to write another fifty books or more.  And it wouldn’t be possible without you, the reader, who devours all things vampire, werewolf, faery and witch.  You read the weird stuff, and I love you for that.

Happy reading!

Michele Hauf


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