Fox, Roz Denny, An Unlikely Rancher


Fox, Roz Denny, An Unlikely Rancher, (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2015).

Title:  An Unlikely Rancher

Author:  Roz Denny Fox

Imprint:  Heartwarming

Issues:  Bereavement; Gendered Expectations (Women); Grief; Guilt; Parenthood;


Can she save the ranch–and keep his love?

Jenna Wood had her new start all planned out when she bought an ostrich ranch in New Mexico. But from day one, nothing is quite what she expected–especially her tenant, Flynn Sutton. Jenna’s daughter, Andee, adores Flynn and his sheepdog, Beezer, but Jenna’s not so sure. She feels a connection, but Flynn’s a pilot, just like her late husband, and his work brings up painful memories. Still, when someone in town seems to have a grudge against Jenna, Flynn is there to protect her and Andee. Together, they’ll find out who’s trying to intimidate Jenna, and why. And along the way, the three of them just might become a family…

Dear Reader,

Parts of this story have percolated in my mind for quite a while.  There’s an ostrich ranch off the highway between Tucson and Phoenix.  A few years ago the ranch was in the news.  Hot air balloons taking off from an empty field frightened the birds, and many were hurt when they broke down fences.  I wanted to feature an ostrich ranch in a story, but I didn’t want them hurt.  I decided to set my story in a neighboring state.  I wanted my main characters to love animals.  And because An Unlikely Rancher is a love story, I decided my ranch owner, who isn’t looking for love, falls in love accidentally.  I hope Jenna Woods and her daughter Andee’s second chance at happiness with ex-military flyer Flynn Sutton is a story that touches your heart.


Roz Denny Fox


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