Drake, Dianne, Tortured By Her Touch


Drake, Dianne, Tortured By Her Touch (Army Docs, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2015).

Title:  Tortured By He Touch (Army Docs, Book 1)

Author:  Dianne Drake

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Injury; Paraplegic; Physical Disability


Ex-army doc Marc Rousseau might be devastatingly sexy, but he specializes in being difficult! No longer able to practice as a surgeon, he’s working with injured war veterans alongside stunning Dr. Anne Sebastian…the one woman who sees beyond his gruff exterior.

Marc knows Anne is off-limits – especially as she’s unlikely to trust any man again – but being around her is such sweet torture! And when a late-night swim leads to a steamy kiss, Marc and Anne start to wonder…dare they take a chance on a future together?

Dear Reader,

Back in the day, when I was actively pursuing a nursing career, I worked at the Veterans’ Hospital.  The patients I was fortunate enough to serve were a wholly amazing and heroic group of men and women.  It always amazed me to watch them fight their battles with such courage.

When I was asked to write this book I knew immediately where my setting had to be.  It was an honour to pay tribute to the brave soldiers who had once been under my care.  Especially in the persona of Marc Rousseau, a doctor who comes home from the war badly damaged.  My story is inspired by two people I know – people who fell in love despite great obstacles.  David is a paraplegic who married his nurse – an inspiring story because the disability was never part of their relationship.  True love sees no boundaries.

My heroine, Anne, never sees the disability in the man she loves.  All she wants to do is encourage him – the way all people in love want to encourage each other.  It’s a story of two people coming to terms with love, not disability.

I’d like to thank Mills and Boon for giving me the opportunity to show that love can shine through adversity.

Wishing you health and happiness…


PS.  Please feel free to email me at DianneDrake@earthlink.net or connect to my Facebook page or Twitter account through links posted to my website at dianne-drake.com.


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