McPhee, Margaret, Unmasking the Duke’s Mistress


McPhee, Margaret, Unmasking the Duke’s Mistress (Gentlemen of Disrepute, Book 1), (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2011).

Title:  Unmasking the Duke’s Mistress (Gentlemen of Disrepute, Book 1)

Author:  Margaret McPhee

Imprint:  Historical

Issues:  Parenthood; Prostitution


With trembling hands Arabella dons the mask of Miss Noir for her first night at Mrs. Silver’s House of Pleasures. Thinking of her young son, she prepares to smile prettily at the next gentleman who enters….

Dominic Furneaux, Duke of Arlesford, is stunned to see that the woman who shattered his heart has fallen so low. He offers her a way out by making her his mistress!

The temptation to reacquaint herself with Dominic’s body is hard for Arabella to resist, but Dominic needs only to look into the Furneaux-blue eyes of her son to uncover Arabella’s deepest secret…

Author Note

This story was not the one I planned to write.

Indeed, I was writing a different tale altogether when Arabella popped into my head.  And once she was there she wouldn’t give me peace until I had written her story.  So here it is, a little more spicy than my usual, but you can blame that on Arabella.

I really do hope that you enjoy reading about Arabella and how she comes to find her ‘happy ever after’ with Dominic


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