Curtis, Shannon, Lycan Unleashed


Curtis, Shannon, Lycan Unleashed,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Lycan Unleashed

Author:  Shannon Curtis

Imprint:  Nocturne

Issues:  Bereavement; Grief; Parenthood; Revenge


Revenge is sweet, but so is desire…

On the hunt for his alpha’s killer, Lycan Matthias Marshall is willing to go to any lengths to end his quest. Even if that means kidnapping the enemy. Well-trained tracker Trinity Caldwell can take him back to her pack and their treacherous leader. Yet convincing Trinity to betray her kind won’t be easy. Nor will denying the pull his body feels toward hers.

Matthias has buried his heart along with his mate. Desire…love…have no part in his plan. But when Trinity risks her life for his, Matthias must decide how much vengeance means to him.

Dear Reader,

I’m so excited to introduce you to the Shadow Breeds series, and to Matthias and Trinity in particular.  As the first in the series, it was so much fun having my characters show me this new world they inhabit, and it was so easy and tempting to get lost in it.  This book was a fast write for me.  I couldn’t stop.  Think pjs, candy wrappers and messy hair, and you get an idea of my compulsion to write this.  We’re not talking charmingly, eccentrically tousled.  We’re talking kind of gross.  For that, though, I have to thank you.  Yep, you.  It’s your fault.

A little while ago I sat down with a group of readers and we discussed what we really wanted to read.  Shadow Breeds is born from that.  There is a prequel, Tribal Law, that was written for the Australian Romance Readers Association.  I so appreciate that Harlequin Nocturne has given the series a wonderful new home.  So thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to share what you like to read, for debating the merits of traits, experiences, values…and muscles.  You’ve inspired this series, and I love how our conversations together have fired my imagination.  I hope you enjoy reading Lycan Unleashed, and more in the Shadow Breeds series.  Please feel free to email me at or at – I’d love to hear from you!



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