Winters, Rebecca, A Marriage Made in Italy


Winters, Rebecca, A Marriage Made in Italy,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  A Marriage Made in Italy

Author:  Rebecca Winters

Imprint:  Cherish (Romance)

Issues:  Adoption; Emotional Abuse; Parenthood


Single dad Leon Malatesta is determined to keep his baby daughter out of the headlines. So when a mysterious beauty starts asking questions, the brooding Italian’s protective instinct goes into overdrive. But when this stunning stranger turns out to be an innocent, Leon knows Belle brings with her the possibility of a new future…if he can convince her he wants to marry her for love!

Dear Reader,

About a year ago I was watching a documentary about adoption.  It followed the lives of two different women who’d been adopted and wanted to meet their birth mother.  In both cases the reunions brought joy to begin with.  The birth mothers now knew what had happened to the baby they’d had to give up.  The birth children now had answers about their origins and the family they came from.  This documentary picked up on their lives five years later.  In the first case, both parties had kept up a relationship.  In the second case, neither party continued to stay in contact.  The documentary discussed the reasons why and why not.

I found it so fascinating that the idea for a story began to grow in my mind and became A Marriage Made in Italy.  In this love story I have incorporated some of the things I learned in the documentary about the expectations of the adopted child in relation to the adoptive parent, as well as to the birth parent, with all their attendant intricacies.


Rebecca Winters


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