Thompson, Vicki Lewis, Cowboy Untamed


Thompson, Vicki Lewis, Cowboy Untamed (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  Cowboy Untamed

Author:  Vicki Lewis Thompson

Imprint:  Blaze

Issues:  Foster Care


Potter Sapphire Ferguson had one rule: no more artists. There have been too many disappointments and too many heartbreaks. That is, until she sees wildlife metal artist Grady Magee welding a sculpture of wolves, and Sapphire’s self-control is completely incinerated. Whoa, Nellie. A cowboy with an artist’s soul…and a hard, sexy body. How can she resist?

Sapphire tells herself it’s just sex—incredibly and unbelievably intense sex—between two consenting adults. No love and no getting hurt. Except that Grady isn’t just an artist. He was raised at Thunder Mountain Ranch, and he’s all cowboy. He’s playing for keeps…and he’ll have to prove to Sapphire that he can have an artist’s soul and a cowboy’s heart.

Dear Reader,

Oh, these Magee brothers!  In Cowboy After Dark, I fell in love with Liam and figured his younger brother Grady couldn’t possibly be as endearing.  Was I ever wrong!  Please don’t ask me to pick my favorite Magee brother.  I doubt you’ll be able to, either, after you meet Grady, the cowboy turned metal artist.  I guarantee he’s hotter than a blowtorch!

Like Sapphire Ferguson, I have a weakness for creative men because they’re creative in…well, everything they do, if you get my meaning.  Grady’s sculptures of majestic creatures like eagles and wolves are crafted with recycled metal, which makes him both artistic and ecologically aware!  Not only that, but he gets hot and sweaty doing it.  Sculpting, that is.  What did you think I was talking about?

Okay, I don’t blame you for going there.  The minute you get a glimpse of this tall cowboy with his muscles and slightly shaggy haircut, you’ll be ready to trade places with Sapphire.  And when you find out Grady’s plan to make a sculpture for Rosie, his foster mom, your heart is gonna melt.

Welcome back to the Thunder Mountain Brotherhood!  This amazing band of men each experienced a tragedy that landed them in foster care, but they were all lucky enough to find a home with Rosie and Herb at Thunder Mountain Ranch.  Their days at the ranch taught them the cowboy way and forged an enduring bond, although love doesn’t come easily to guys with emotional scars.  Join me for another story featuring the awesome cowboys who call themselves the Thunder Mountain Brotherhood!

Creatively yours,

Vicki Lewis Thompson



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