Scott, Bronwyn, A Lady Dares


Scott, Bronwyn, A Lady Dares (Ladies of Impropriety, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2012).

Title:  A Lady Dares (Ladies of Impropriety, Book 2)

Author:  Bronwyn Scott

Imprint:  Historical

Issues:  Estrangement; Gendered Expectations (Women)


A lady in a gentleman’s world…

According to society, I, Elise Sutton, haven’t been a lady for quite some time—a lady couldn’t possibly run the family company and spend her days on London’s crowded, tar-stained docks. And she most certainly wouldn’t associate herself with the infamous Dorian Rowland—privateer, smuggler and the Scourge of Gibraltar himself!

But I need Rowland and his specialized expertise—especially with the wolves circling, waiting for me to fail. I yearn to feel alive, and Rowland, who can kiss like the devil, inflames my senses and makes me dare to break free…

Author Note

Yachting is nearly as English as horse racing!  The Royal Thames Yacht Club has a rich history.  For locations of race courses and information regarding 1838 club officers I drew from the records contained in Captain A. R. Ward’s the Chronicles of the Royal Thames Yacht Club.  1838 was also an exciting year for yachting, as serious racers began transitioning from river racing to open water racing on the Solent.

I should add a final note about locations used in the story:  the Sutton Shipyards at the Blackwell Docks and the restaurant foray to the Italian trattoria.  To determine the locations I consulted the excellent book London:  A Life in Maps by Peter Whitfield.  This is one of my favourite books and I consult it over and over.  The Blackwell Docks had become the West India Docks by 2838, but were often still referred to as the Old Blackwell Docks, so I did take a bit of licence there.  However, Soho was indeed a thriving immigrant neighbourhood that took advantage of the ‘new’ fad to dine out.  And the tavern, The Gun, where Elise first meets Dorian is real!  You can still visit it today, and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll meet your own sexy ‘almost’ pirate too, just like Elise.

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