Quinn, Tara Taylor, For Love or Money


Quinn, Tara Taylor, For Love or Money,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2016).

Title:  For Love or Money

Author:  Tara Taylor Quinn

Imprint:  Heartwarming

Issues:  Addiction; Bereavement; Depression; Down’s Syndrome; Guilt; Parenthood


There’s no way that struggling single mom Janie Young is going to lose Family Secrets. Not even to Dr. Burke Carter. The prize money and media exposure from the cooking-competition show will secure the future for her and her son, who has special needs. Sure, Burke is a talented chef with his own reasons to win, but he already has so much: wealth, a beautiful daughter, great looks…and definitely her attention.

As their families become closer, Janie is beginning to care too much about him. But she can’t afford to get involved. Not when everything is riding on beating him.

Dear Reader,

As I write to you to tell you about For Love or Money, I’m deeply into book two in this new miniseries!  Family Secrets is turning out to be all I knew it could be.

Family Secrets is a reality-competition cooking show.  Contestants compete with their secret family recipes.  The show runs in segments with four regular competitions in different categories.  And then the final round.  Each book is one of those segments.  Other than the host, you see all different people, with completely different stories, in each book.

This miniseries isn’t only about secret recipes.  In every novel, you’ll find lives changed by a family secret.  A secret that, though maybe kept with the best of intentions, is powerful enough, damaging enough, to affect the lives and hearts of all those who didn’t know.

During this opening segment, you’re going to meet a very special little boy.  Dawson was inspired by a young man who captured my whole heart the first time I held him more than a decade ago, a close family member who brings a precious and unique joy into any space he occupies.  He is wanted, adored and protected by all members of his family.  Dawson and his experiences are completely fictional.  The joy he brings is not.

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All the best,




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