Lee, Rachel, An Unlikely Daddy


Lee, Rachel, An Unlikely Daddy,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2016).

Title:  An Unlikely Daddy

Author:  Rachel Lee

Imprint:  Special Edition

Issues:  Bereavement; Parenthood


In love with his best friend’s wife…and baby 

Keeping a promise to a dead man isn’t easy. But Ryker Tremaine is determined to keep his word and make amends to his late friend’s wife. When Ryker meets lovely, pregnant Marisa Hayes, she’s still grieving. She doesn’t believe the official report of her husband’s death. And Marisa believes Ryker has the answers she craves.

Bound by secrecy, the hunky CIA operative tries to help Marisa find a sense of normalcy…and uncovers a sizzling attraction! As Ryker discovers the richness of life back on the grid, old secrets threaten. Marisa still seeks answers and Ryker knows if he tells her the truth about her husband’s death—and his role in it—Marisa and her baby may be lost to him forever…

Dear Reader,

An event occurred shortly before I proposed this book:  I faced the very difficult time a family goes through when they don’t know what really happened to a loved one.  It got me to thinking about how I’d feel if I were widowed and didn’t believe the story I was told.

When it happens in your world, there are lots of things you can do to seek the truth.  When it’s a government agency providing the explanation of how your husband died overseas, it’s harder to seek answers.  And it’s even harder when your husband’s friend shows up months later and tells you the same story you don’t believe.

Here we have the story of a pregnant widow who cannot believe she knows the truth, and of her late husband’s friend, who seeks to help her and give her a more satisfying answer.

Sometimes the truth can never be revealed.  But sometimes love can provide a balm.

Rachel Lee


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