Crosby, Susan, A Family, At Last


Crosby, Susan, A Family, At Last (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  A Family, At Last (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 2)

Author:  Susan Crosby

Imprint:  Special Edition

Issues:  Adoption; Bereavement; Child Abandonment; Divorce; Parenthood


When Karyn Lambert appears on Vaughn Ryder’s doorstep, claiming to be his little girl’s aunt, he can hardly turn her away. Instead, the guarded rancher invites her to stay, and soon they’re engaged in a battle of the sexes, each trying to prove how good they are with little Cassidy…as well as fighting the raging attraction that blooms the instant Karyn steps over the threshold!

For years Vaughn has been focused only on being the perfect father. Now the bubbly personal shopper has taken hold of his heart, and he wonders if they might be able to create the perfect family for Cassidy—and each other. Not just out of blood connections—but out of true love…

Dear Reader,

A Family, At Last is the second book in my Red Valley Ranchers series, and feature another Ryder brother, Vaughan, who is about as opposite of my heroine as anyone can be.  Does that stop them from falling in love, or do their differences enhance the relationship?

Since this is a romance novel, the answer is clear, but how they get there, how they learn to embrace each other’s differences, is the fun part.  Plus, at the heart of the story is six-year-old Cassidy, who was doing fine with just her father but who blooms when Karyn Lambert comes into her life.

I love these kinds of transformations, whether adult or child.  I hope you do, too.



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