Cassidy, Carla, Colton Cowboy Hideout


Cassidy, Carla, Colton Cowboy Hideout (The Coltons of Texas, Book 7),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2016).

Title:  Colton Cowboy Hideout (The Coltons of Texas, Book 7)

Author:  Carla Cassidy

Imprint:  Romantic Suspense

Issues:  Foster Care; Parenthood; Witness Protection


After years in hiding, Josie Colton has her life back. But to settle a family promise, she must find an old clue buried at the Colton Valley Ranch. She enlists the help of ranch foreman Tanner Grange—in exchange for working as his twin toddlers’ new nanny. On their search, the single dad soon begins to lasso Josie’s heart.

Tanner agrees to assist Josie and is alarmed by how the Colton beauty fits so perfectly into his life. He’s got his hands full investigating the disappearance of his boss and caring for his little girls. When it’s clear someone will kill to stop Josie from uncovering the clue, Tanner vows to protect her…for life!

Dear Reader,

I love the Coltons series, and Colton Cowboy Hideout introduces a new branch of the family.  You know there’s going to be plenty of drama and danger when the Coltons are in the house!

After the patriarch of the family, a billionaire baron, goes missing the finger-pointing begins among his children and stepchildren.  Everyone appears to have a motive…except Josie Colton and Tanner Grange.

Josie has come to the Colton Valley Ranch on a mission and circumstances instantly throw her together with ranch foreman Tanner.  The attractive Josie is the last thing Tanner, single father to twin girls, needs in his life.  But, when danger appears, Tanner swears to keep her safe and then tell her goodbye.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing sexier than a hot cowboy who loves his children and protects his woman…unless it’s the hot Italian man I married.

Happy reading!

Carla Cassidy


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