Andrews, Amy, How to Resist Temptation


Andrews, Amy, How to Resist Temptation (Gold Coast Angels, Book 4),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  How to Resist Temptation (Gold Coast Angels, Book 4)

Author:  Amy Andrews

Imprint:  Medical

Issues:  Domestic Violence; Guilt; Miscarriage; Parenthood; Suicide


Dr Cade Coleman wants to redeem his heartbreaker reputation. That’s why this drop-dead sexy playboy has moved to Gold Coast City Hospital, leaving a scandal in New York far behind him. Only the delicious Dr Callie Richards has him falling at the first hurdle!

Usually strictly professional, Callie’s encounter with Cade knocks her off her feet. Only he’s determined that there’ll be no re-runs. While she knows she should try to forget that amazing night, too, Cade — who’s so hot he should come with a health warning — is the ultimate temptation!

Dear Reader,

I hope you have been enjoying the Gold Coast Angels series.  Having been a part of a few continuities now, I can tell you without hesitation how very much I enjoy them.  It’s nice not to write in isolation for a change, to live in a world that you build together with your fellow writers, brick by brick, and where everyone knows you!

I hope you are buckled up for Cade and Callie’s story.  Cade was one of the secondary characters in the hugely successful New York City Angels series, and I know readers have been clamouring for his HEA.

The problem is both Cade and Callie have baggage-relationships that have broken them and made them determined to hold themselves back.  Their careers have taken priority in their lives and they like it that way!

But fate has different ideas for these two, and I hope you enjoy their dance as they realise that career is just one aspect of a whole life.  And that sometimes you need to give in to temptation and surrender to a higher power-love.

Happy reading!

Amy Andrews


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