Wood, Joss, Too Much of a Good Thing?


Wood, Joss, Too Much of a Good Thing?,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2013).

Title:  More than a Fling?

Author:  Joss Wood

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues:  Addiction; Alcohol; Bereavement; Drugs


Be careful what you wish for! 

It’s time for Lu Sheppard to get back in the game—fact. After ten years of playing mom to her younger brothers the boys have left home and she’s determined to make up for lost time! Item number one on her list? A man to have some fun with! 

Rugby coach Will Scott is just what Lu needs to ease herself back into the dating game. Only in town temporarily, king of the fling…he’s perfect. But his kisses are so electric that remembering they have an expiry date is getting harder. Suddenly Lu starts wondering…maybe it is possible to have too much of a good thing!

Dear Reader,

I am so enjoying the Modern Tempted series, and I wait in eager anticipation (as I’m sure you do too) to download the new releases every month.

Rugby is a big deal in my part of the world, and we are passionate about our national team the Springboks.  I was watching a post-match interview by one of the coaches and I thought, Mmm-hmm…he’s pretty cute.  I love being a romance novelist, so admiring handsome men can be classified as research!  What if he were super-hot and an ex-bad boy of rugby made good…?  And the story started to take shape in my head.

Will comes to Durban on a three-month contract to be the caretaker coach of the city’s superstar Stingrays rugby team.  Lu, with the twin brothers she raised now at university, is at a loss about what to do now.  She wants to revive her flagging career, and by meeting Will manages to land a job as the Stingrays’ press photographer.  Will, challenged by his best friend Kelby to do something other than bundle a woman into bed and then walk, thinks that Lu would be goof dun to hang with, to help him pass the time in a foreign city.  Lu, who has been dared by the twins to have some fun, thinks that Will would be the perfect companion to ease her into a new life without the daily responsibility and company of her brothers.

They both think that they can ignore the fact that their hair almost catches on fire from the sexual heat they generate … ha-ha-ha!

As per usual, I had the best fun writing this book, and nothing makes me happier than to guide two sexy, headstrong people to their happy-ever-after.  Enjoy!

With my very warmest wishes

Joss xxx


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