Wood, Joss, The Last Guy She Should Call


Wood, Joss, The Last Guy She Should Call,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2014).

Title:  The Last Guy She Should Call

Author:  Joss Wood

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues:  Child Abandonment; Estrangement


She’d got his number…luckily! 

For savvy antiques dealer Rowan Dunn life is good—until a passport error gets her deported back to South Africa! Stranded at the airport, Rowan can remember only two phone numbers—her parents’ (definitely not an option!) and her best friend’s brother’s. As much as she hates it, Rowan knows she has no choice. It’s time to call Seb Hollis and ask for help…. 

Seb is even sexier than Rowan remembers—and just as infuriating! He’s always pushed her buttons, but at least now she knows how to push them back. Maybe it’s time to start sleeping with the enemy—even though Rowan’s sure there won’t be a whole lot of sleeping going on…!

Dear Reader,

I write romances about finding love in the twenty-first century, and I love creating quirky heroines-women a little left of centre.  Rowan, I think, is one of my quirkiest to date, and she came about when I was watching a travel programme and the female presenter capture my attention.  Rowan ran into some minor trouble as a teenager, and as soon as she could left home to travel the world.  She’s spent years of bouncing from country to country, and I needed to work out what, and who, would make Rowan settle down-especially in her home town, which holds so many bad memories for her.

Seb is Rowan’s best friend’s brother, her childhood nemesis, and the person whose attention she has always wanted to capture and hang onto.  When she finds herself broke and deported, dreading the idea of returning to Cape Town as the family screw-up, it’s Seb she reluctantly turns to to help her out of trouble.

As they start discovering the adult versions of the children they used to be they both have to learn to trust, to believe in themselves, in each other and in love itself.

Writing romance is the best job in the world, and I hope you enjoy Seb and Rowan’s journey to their happy-ever-after.

With my very best wishes

Joss  xxx


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