Thayer, Patricia, The Cowboy Comes Home


Thayer, Patricia, The Cowboy Comes Home (The Larkville Legacy, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2012).

Title:  The Cowboy Comes Home (The Larkville Legacy, Book 1)

Author:  Patricia Thayer

Imprint:  Cherish (Romance)

Issues:  Bereavement; Child Abandonment; Parenthood;



Single mom Jess Calhoun had learned the hard way not to trust a man in a Stetson; her young son’s dad was long gone. But that doesn’t stop Jess from noticing good-lookin’, sweet-talkin’ cowboy Johnny Jameson swagger into town. He’s as wild and untamed as the stallions he trains.

…is where the girl who’s stolen his heart is!

The attraction between them is as fiery as a Texan summer and Johnny finds himself questioning whether he could finally put down roots – in Larkville, a place where two very special people have taken hold of his heart.

Dear Reader,

I’m so excited about this series.  A new town and family:  the Calhouns of Larkville, Texas.  It’s also been fun working with the other authors on The Larkville Legacy.  I’m blessed to get to launch the first book, and to get to introduce the founding family of this small ranching town of Larkville.

In my story Clay’s daughter, Jess Calhoun, is the single mother of a five-year-old son, Brady, who idolised his Papa Clay and misses him terribly.  Jess is dealing with the loss, too.  And in her brother’s absence she has to run the ranch, which means trying to handle her father’s out-of-control stallion Night Storm.

Horse whisperer Johnny Jameson arrives to save the day.  The man knows his way around horses a lot better than people.  So when his job with troubled equines is finished Johnny always moves on.  Yet something about Jess and little Brady has him thinking about staying and putting down roots.

I hope you enjoy my story!

Patricia Thayer


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