Rice, Heidi, Public Affair, Secretly Expecting


Rice, Heidi, Public Affair, Secretly Expecting (Brody Brothers, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin Mills & Boon Limited, 2009).

Title:  Public Affair, Secretly Expecting (Brody Brothers, Book 2)

Author:  Heidi Rice

Imprint:  Modern Heat

Issues:   Estrangement; Foster Care


The shop assistant and the superstar…

Mac Brody’s Hollywood life is far removed from his turbulent youth — and that’s how he likes it. The legendary bad boy refuses to be judged by Juno Delamare for declining his brother’s wedding invitation …

… and a scorching L.A. affair!

But he can’t get feisty Juno out of his head! So he goes to the wedding — to strip away her defences and her sexy bridesmaid dress. When their steamy night hits the headlines, Mac sweeps Juno away for a two-week affair … Soon Juno realizes she has more than memories to hold dear!

Dear Reader,

I love it when I’m in the process of writing a book and a secondary character yells, ‘Hey, what about me?  Don’t I deserve a story of my own?’  So I was chuffed to bits when Juno Delamare did exactly that as I was writing her best mate Daisy’s story in Hot-Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal.

At the time, Juno didn’t even have a second name; she was just Daisy’s cautious, earnest, tomboy friend.  Juno had been hurt badly once, and it had made her prickly and pessimistic and extremely wary of good-looking men.  But her honesty, her fortitude and her emotional integrity instantly engaged me.  And so, as Daisy’s story unfolded, Juno began to insist I find her a man of her own who could coax her out of her cocoon.

Then, lo and behold, Connor Brody-Daisy’s hero-mentioned he had a long-lost brother.  Now, while at first this seemed a remarkably lucky coincidence, I quickly realised Juno had not had a man as dangerous as Mac Brody in mind when she had asked me to find her one true love.  Would she be able to cope with this brooding Irish bad-boy-turned-Hollywood-star who had sealed off his heart at an early age and seduced women only to discard them the instant things got serious?  And then I thought, What the hell?  I’m the author here-not her.  I’ll chuck Juno in at the deep end and see if she floats.

I hope you get the same kick out of watching her-and indeed Mac-struggle to survive the emotional tidal wave that promptly knocks them both flat.  Feel free to let me know on heidi@heidi-rice.com




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