Perry, Lisa Marie, Mine Tonight


Perry, Lisa Marie, Mine Tonight (The Blue Dynasty, Book 4),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2015).

Title:  Mine Tonight  (The Blue Dynasty, Book 4)

Author:  Lisa Marie Perry

Imprint:  Kimani

Issues:   Bereavement; Drugs; Gambling; Injury; Mental Illness; POC; Self Esteem; Sexual Abuse; Suicide; WOC


The night that changed everything…

After being dumped by her fiancé and losing her shot at TV stardom, Bindi Paxton just wants to get out of town.  But there’s no escaping the past-not even on the beautiful Seychelles Islands.  And when her attraction to former Las Vegas Slayers heir Santino Franco culminates in a night of sizzling passion, she has to fight her feelings for a man who could hurt her deeper than any other has before.

Santino came to the islands to find the man responsible for the injury that ended his pro-football career.  Ending up in bed with Bindi is a mistake they both regret.  Except he now needs her help to find his fugitive father.  And-heaven help him-he’s starting to fall for the stunning Sin City reporter.  He can’t change their history…but he’d give anything for one more night, and maybe forever, in her arms.

Dear Reader,

Ever want to get away?  Perhaps to distance yourself from a less-than-ideal situation?  Or to just see something new?  Many attribute my insatiable wanderlust to personality traits and astrological characteristics.  When travel isn’t an option, writing is.  New characters often take me away and invite me into their worlds.  And sometimes we become so tight so quickly that I bring them back with me.

Which is why Mine Tonight is Bindi Paxton’s story.  If you read Night Games, then you know Bindi well.  Or you think you do.  She’s waited impatiently for me to reveal who she truly is.  Despite her gritty past and damaging mistakes, she’s a beautiful person deserving of redemption-much like Santino Franco.  Bindi and Santino can’t seem to escape themselves, each other or what awaits them within the Blue Dynasty.

May this book take you away.


Lisa Marie Perry


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