Perry, Lisa Marie, Midnight Play


Perry, Lisa Marie, Midnight Play (The Blue Dynasty, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2014).

Title:  Midnight Play  (The Blue Dynasty, Book 2)

Author:  Lisa Marie Perry

Imprint:  Kimani

Issues:  Divorce; Interracial Relationship; POC; Self Esteem; WOC


Love evens the score

As general manager of the Las Vegas Slayers, Danica Blue goes toe-to-toe with players whose size is matched only by their egos.  Quarterback Dex Harper is the biggest and toughest of them all, with a hell-raiser reputation that he insists he doesn’t deserve.  And Danica, the good daughter who’s always played by the rules, is suddenly tempted to break every last one.

Football is the only thing Dex has ever been able to count on.  To save his career he needs Danica’s PR savvy, and he’s happy to help her discover her inner bad girl in return.  But glimpsing the real woman behind that sexy, flawless façade is making him realize how much is at stake.  Because getting back on the team could mean losing Danica, unless he’s willing to risk it all-and play for keeps…

Dear Reader,

I’ve never been known as a particularly bad seed.  Or an especially good one.  Just an average gal, with plenty of virtues and some vices thrown in to keep things interesting.  That being said, I’ve always been fascinated with good seeds-people who seem immune to mistakes, who appear to make the best decision and effortlessly live well.

Wiriting Midnight Play put me inside the head of a woman who fits this description.  If you’ve read Night Games, you know that, unlike her “rule-breaking” sisters, Danica Blue is considered a “rule-maker”.  Yet Danica’s deeply passionate relationship with badass quarterback Dex Harper reveals that she’s more than who she is perceived to be.  Meeting Danica’s bad-girl side gave me the chance to get acquainted with Dex’ good side.  And one hell of an adventure it was!

Welcome back to The Blue Dynasty.


Lisa Marie Perry


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