Miles, Cindy, Those Cassabaw Days


Miles, Cindy, Those Cassabaw Days (The Malone Brothers, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2015).

Title:  Those Cassabaw Days (The Malone Brothers, Book 1)

Author:  Cindy Miles

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Bereavement; PTSD


A bond that not even time can break… 

As kids, Emily Quinn and Matt Malone were thick as thieves in the tightly knit community of Cassabaw Station. Then Emily’s world crumbled into tragedy, and she was sent away. She’s just returned to run a beachside café she now owns. A free spirit…with a guarded heart. 

But while this town still feels like home, Matt is nothing like the boy she remembered. He is a man lost to shadows and doubt. As he helps Emily restore the café, however, their childhood bond reignites and unfurls into bittersweet longing. Now they face the greatest test of friendship…love.

Dear Reader,

Those Cassabaw Days introduces Matt Malone and Emily Quinn, childhood friends separated by time and now reunited on the small barrier island they grew up on.  But this is more than simple romance.  More, even, than just falling in love, experiencing the rush of butterflies, the fever of passion.  It’s about building a friendship rooted in childhood innocence.  It’s about having memories and making more memories.  And it’s about overcoming all the barriers that stand in the way of forever.

I wrote this novel from many of my own memories:  the place I grew up, people I knew and loved, and beloved recollections that still resonate within me when I inhale a certain scent or hear a particular song.

I hope you enjoy these memories embedded in Those Cassabaw Days, the unique souls who inhabit the island of Cassabaw station, the families and hearts who fall desperately in love.  It might even set you on a journey to find such a place-even if within the pages of a novel.

Happy reading!

Cindy Miles


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