Johnson, Janice Kay, Snowbound


Johnson, Janice Kay, Snowbound,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin Mills & Boon Limited, 2008).

Title:  Snowbound

Author:  Janice Kay Johnson

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  PTSD


When a blizzard strands Fiona MacPherson and her students in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, their only hope of survival is to seek shelter at Thunder Mountain Lodge. Their host is John Fallon, a handsome, enigmatic war veteran haunted by secrets and scars that may never heal.

John Fallon never imagined he’d be playing host to this captivating teacher and her eight teenage charges. But when his solitude is shattered by their arrival, his world shifts on its axis. He needs Fiona–but does she need him? There’s only one way to find out. The ex-soldier must find the courage to reach out to the remarkable woman who has transformed his life…

Dear Reader,

I confess to thinking it’s great fun to tweak classic romance plot – you know, secret baby, marriage of convenience, snowbound hero and heroine…  And I admit to having a special fondness for the snowbound plotline.  There are so few ways, in the modern world, we can isolate two people, trapping them together for days and days as the sexual tension rises to an unbearable level…

But let’s face I, the odds aren’t great, are they?  Every time I read one of those books, I’d think about how, with my luck, I’d be more likely to end up snowbound with a sexy guy and his wife and kids.  Since I write (and love) romance, that’s not a workable scenario.  So what can I throw into the stew to give it an unexpected taste?  Not a baby – newborn babies are a common element in the classic take.  They nap to conveniently, you know, I didn’t want convenient for this book, I wanted inconvenient.  No, what if our heroine were to have a teenager with her?  Ooh, better yet:  what about eight teenagers?

Yes, the plucky heroine is chaperoning a high school trip when in the midst of a blizzard she finds herself snowbound at a Cascade Mountain lodge with eight feuding, funny, sometimes depressed teenagers fro whom she’s responsible – and their reluctant host is a brooding man hiding out from the world after returning from being wounded in Iraq.  Now, there’s a mix!

I hope you have as much fun reading Snowbound as I did writing it.


Janice Kay Johnson


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