Johnson, Janice Kay, Revelations


Johnson, Janice Kay, Revelations,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2004).

Title:  Revelations

Author:  Janice Kay Johnson

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Divorce; Gendered Expectations (Women); Parenthood


Ann Caldwell doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t really know what she is, either. Growing up, she wanted just one thing — her father’s approval. But she never got it. When she was little she was too much girl and later she wasn’t enough woman. She even became a cop to please him. Now he’s gone and she realizes how empty her life has become. She’d like to fall in love but doesn’t know the first thing about getting a man. Even worse, the one man she wants is her partner, Juan Diaz — who has never looked at her twice.

As Ann struggles to find her way, she discovers a bigger task — figuring out who has begun killing cops. She and Diaz must solve the case before anyone else dies. Is on the job the only place they’re destined to be together?



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