Johnson, Janice Kay, Between Love and Duty


Johnson, Janice Kay, Between Love and Duty (A Brother’s Word, Book 1),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2013).

Title:  Between Love and Duty (A Brother’s Word, Book 1)

Author:  Janice Kay Johnson

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Child Protection; Prison


There’s a right way, then there’s the wrong way

Nobody knows that better than police captain Duncan MacLachlan. He has served and protected for years without bending to a middle ground he doesn’t believe in. And he’s not about to change. Certainly not for stubborn and sexy court advocate Jane Brooks. Her shades-of-gray view of the world clashes with his black-and-white one.

Then a mission to save an at-risk teen has Jane’s life on the line. Now she and Duncan must join forces despite their differences and the flaring attraction that’s too hot to ignore. It’s Duncan’s toughest challenge yet. Because keeping Jane safe is one thing…and keeping her out of his arms is another.

Dear Reader,

Stories grow from surprising moments.  This trilogy came from an image that lurked in my mind.  I live in a small town where people know how to celebrate the Fourth of July.  Our parade is a big deal, and bagpipers play while marching in kilts.  One particular piper has lingered in my memory.  He was tall, striking, auburn-headed and solemn, a hero if I’ve ever seen one.  One day that not-so-important memory sent up shoots.  I imagined three brothers walking shoulder to shoulder, all playing the bagpipes that are their heritage.

Alas, heroes have minds of their own.  Duncan MacLachlan, the oldest son, declined to play the bagpipe.  He was taught by his father, whom he bitterly resents, and he chooses to reject everything that came from a man he despises.  And, darn him, Conall, the youngest son, feels the same.  Only Niall, the hero of the upcoming book From Father to Son, embraces his Scottish heritage.

Despite his defiance, I fell for Duncan.  He’s a man to whom duty is all.  He sacrificed his dreams when his brothers needed him.  Romantic love is a foreign concept to him, and not one he intends to embrace.  But aren’t responsibility and duty rooted in a deep sense of caring?  And what is caring but a kind o love?  Oh, yes, it turns out that Duncan is quite capable of loving…once he meets a woman strong and fierce enough to defy him, command his respect and gain his trust.  He might have been able to ignore her, if only she didn’t need his protection.  Naturally, Duncan feels it’s his duty to provide it.  And love has everything to do with it.

These brothers, damaged by a painful childhood, are some of my favourite heroes.


Janice Kay Johnson


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